Chain Mason at Indieket 2016

July 30, 2016

Hello there,

I’ll be attending Indieket this coming August 6, 2016. Our comic group Chain Mason has another comic anthology coming out at the event. I contributed a 3-page comic for this anthology. I’ll also sell my latest comic, Kira and the Canines for 50 pesos. My comic, The Spirit of a Soda will be put to the shelves for a while. Instead, starting next week, I will make gag-a-week comic strips. Sometimes it may be only once a week or sometimes it may be twice or thrice a week so I can take a break creating single issue comics with a story that would normally have more than 10 pages. Thank you for your time. 🙂

Indieket ad made by Komikon organizers. Cover page of our Pikon Anthology made by Carlo Valenzuela (Coincidence that we both have the same surname. He’s a friend and a brother of mine here in our local comics scene. Back page made by Sherwin Sablaon, another friend.


Cebu City, Visayas Province

Cebu City, Visayas Province, Philippines (2016)

Me and some of my family relatives had a 5-day vacation at Cebu City, mostly in Oslob and in Malabuyoc, also located in Cebu City. We went to different waterfalls, different beach locations and even saw an actual Philippine Whale Shark (We call them Butanding in Tagalog/Filipino). Me and my relatives enjoyed it a lot and it was a fun-filled experience. After a few days under the scorching hot sun in Cebu, it’s really good to be back home here in Manila.


The red circle on the image below is a Butanding or a Whale Shark:

Mang Gayber Isyu # 1’s Cover Page at Adobo Magazine

November 7, 2015

My comic, Mang Gayber Isyu # 1’s cover page got featured in Adobo Magazine. Check the lower right corner of the image.

Visit the link below to read their article:

Thanks for featuring 1/4 of my one of my comics’ cover page, Adobo Magazine! 😀