Berdugo & After School # 1-3 Comic Book Reviews by EK

November 5, 2018


Here’s another comic review from EK Gonzales, After School # 1-3. These comics were made way way back in January to March of 2016. They were also printed using only a xerox machine/photocopier. I’m so sorry for that. I do hope, if people compare my early works to what I have now, people will say that I’ve improved making comics, even for a tiny bit. 😀
Here’s a screenshot of the review:

The actual link of EK’s Instagram post:
After School # 1-3 Comic Review by EK Gonzales
You can read “After School” part by part on the following links, # 1, # 2, # 3

October 30, 2018


Read a short comic book review of my recent work “Berdugo” from EK Gonzales. Thanks, EK! 😀
“Berdugo” Comic Book Review by EK

You can read “Berdugo” on the following links, Part 1, Part 2

All Killer Kamote Komiks issues that I’ve made are free to read on my other website:

You can also check EK Gonzales’ Instagram account for her comic book reviews of tons and tons of indie Filipino comic books.


Inktober 2018

October 2, 2018


It’s finally October, so here’s my entry for the first week. I’m going to pick a theme from Inktober’s prompt list once a week and draw something using that theme as my guide. Something light for me to do weekly. I’m nearing the completion of writing the whole “JeST DO IT” comic book/picture book so most probably I’m going to begin making it by November this year. I think I’m going to be a lot busy this coming holiday season because of that. I’ll continue selling my comic books to comic conventions next year, 2019. Anyway, here’s October 2, 2018, “Tranquil” from the prompt list of Inktober. 😀

October 8, 2018
Today, I decided not to follow the arrangement of the prompt list and picked a theme for October 15, 2018, which is, “Weak”. I’ll pick another three themes for the next following three weeks. 😀

October 15, 2018
My entry for this week’s Inktober 2018.

October 22, 2018
This is going to be my final Inktober 2018 entry. Come next week, I’ll start making, “JeST DO IT”. If I manage to finish it by December 2018, I’ll publish it online on the month I just stated and “JeST DO IT” will be my Christmas present to everyone who reads my comics. I hope I make you guys laugh even for a little bit. 😀 I am also probably won’t be able to go to the annual Komikon this November 2018 as I have some other plans but see you guys at Komiket in February 2019. I’ll launch ‘JeST DO IT’ on the said comics and art event and you guys can also still grab a copy of my recent comic books, ‘Silly Persons’ and ‘Berdugo’.

Happy holidays to you guys!


Komiket October 2018

October 14, 2018

Ahoy there mates,

I went to Komiket yesterday, October 13, 2018. I was so early that the event hasn’t even started when I got there, around quarter to ten in the morning. Took these photos right when I entered the venue and when the doors were opened.

I dropped by at the table of my friends and said my hello’s to them again. Afterwards, I decided to roam around and sniffed and inhaled the air all these people breathed. Just kidding though. And then, I bought some comics and you can see my Komiket October 2018 haul:

I saw a few old copies of Sandman comics by sir Neil Gaiman and also some old works of sir Warren Ellis for only a hundred Philippine pesos each for some, and some, for only a hundred and fifty pesos each, so I immediately bought them as I’m a big fan of the both of them. Bought some other comics as well and then some local comics. I wasn’t able to find some of the local comic creators that I wanted to see so that I could buy their comics and merch as I went so early. They probably got there at a later time so probably next time, I guess. Will promise to buy more local comics next time as well. Most of them were just not around when I got in the venue like I’ve mentioned.

I’m pretty much excited to make my upcoming comic book/picture book, “JeST DO IT come November. Tomorrow and for the last remaining weeks of October, I’ll continue my weekly silly Inktober 2018 entries. After I make “JeST DO IT”, I think I’ll try to stay away from social media for as long as I can as I badly need a break from it. Probably a day or two. Just kidding. Most probably at least a month? I’ll take a rest from all the liking I make on all people on my friends lists on social media websites. Kidding aside, I just want to take a break from social media for a while. I’ll also start selling “JeST DO IT” in February of 2019 at Komiket. In case you guys are wondering what Komiket means, I think it means, comics and art market.

While I’m taking a break from social media, I’ll focus on my hobbies and passions -reading, writing, drawing, playing music and watching sports. Now that I mentioned sports, watching a daily sports show, shown here in Manila every night completes my day. Not to mention, the lady sportscasters are my kind of girls. Haha. 😀

Some people say I brag a lot. That’s not true. I’m just probably trying to be funny in some way but I assure you, I don’t think so highly of myself and I don’t brag. I’m also not some stuck-up hipster who only caters to other hipsters as well. I’m a friendly guy and I’m just like any normal millennial out there. Albeit, I try to be different most of the time, because, why not, right? 😀

I’ve come so far since the inception of Killer Kamote Komiks in 2014, I’ve already put out twenty-four silly issues for four years (2014-2018) and my upcoming comic book/picture book, “JeST DO IT” will be the twenty-fifth issue. To all the people who reads and follows my work, I wish everyone of you lots of loving, all your lives and my upcoming comic book/picture book, “JeST DO IT” is dedicated to each and everyone of you. 😀


Your friend,

“JeST DO IT” Previews

UPDATED: October 12, 2018 – added a very short and simple video trailer for JeST DO IT. Look for it at the very bottom of this blog post.
UPDATED: September 12, 2018
This blog post was originally posted last August 29, 2018


Here’s the cover page, a page and another joke from my newest and upcoming comic book, “Jest Do It”. Although, this will get done by January 2019. I just decided to make the cover and a single page today August 29, 2018, from the said work, to pump me up about this. It’s still not done and I’m still currently writing the contents of it. This will just be a series of jokes like I’m a stand-up comedian, only thing is, I’m going to write and illustrate it. Some parts of this will be in full comics format and some will only be sort of like a picture book, text with illustrations. This will be a text-driven issue of Killer Kamote Komiks unlike my two recent works this year, “Silly Persons” and “Berdugo“.

A page preview of JeST DO IT:

The images below are going to be the tentative front and back cover, unless I come up with something else along the way while I’m doing this comic book/picture book in November 2018. I also don’t know how many pages this will be so I’m not yet sure if it needs a comic book spine. It’s highly likely that this comic book/picture book will not exceed the total pages of my recent, past works, “Silly Persons” and “Berdugo”.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Some of the Tagalog words you can read at the bottom of the back cover are like slang words/terms which means awesome or cool if you were born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s here in Manila. 😀

Merged Front and Back Cover

Here are some sample jokes from “JeST DO IT” that I’m going to turn into comics form:

1) A really old granny waves goodbye to her five year old grandson. Her grandson says ” Goodbye, grandma! You can play with my ball and scooter. Thanks for the bucket of beer!”

2) A family and their friends are mourning for the loss of the family’s father and they’re currently on the funeral wake. One of the funeral parlor’s staff talks to the family and tells them, “We’ve taken care of the casket and the embalming of your father and we would like to ask if you guys would also like to avail our other merchandise as we also sell moth’s, coffee, biscuits, playing cards, black t-shirts and other items related to your family’s needs on this funeral wake for your deceased loved one.”

Here in the Philippines, most people who’re hosting a funeral wake would most often or not offer the people who are visiting the dead person with a cup of coffee and some biscuits while they stay up so late and they also play playing cards on the venue and wear black t-shirts as they are mourning for the loss of the person. Lastly, every time a moth appears to the person who lost someone, the elders would say that that moth is the dead person visiting the person he/she left behind.

Thank you for your time reading this.

Cheers. 😀

Your friend,

Please crank the volume up as the video trailer below has a background music which was composed, played and recorded by yours truly.😊-Vin


August 15, 2018


I drew something today. I’m practicing for Inktober this coming October and I am also open for commissions. Message me if you want me to draw something for you. You can find my email address at the top right sidebar of this blog. I’ll try to improve my illustrations much much better. I hope the silly writing part compensates my crappy drawings. I think, I’m more of a comic book writer than a comic book artist. 😀


Your friend,