Berdugo & After School # 1-3 Comic Book Reviews by EK

November 5, 2018


Here’s another comic review from EK Gonzales, After School # 1-3. These comics were made way way back in January to March of 2016. They were also printed using only a xerox machine/photocopier. I’m so sorry for that. I do hope, if people compare my early works to what I have now, people will say that I’ve improved making comics, even for a tiny bit. 😀
Here’s a screenshot of the review:

The actual link of EK’s Instagram post:
After School # 1-3 Comic Review by EK Gonzales
You can read “After School” part by part on the following links, # 1, # 2, # 3

October 30, 2018


Read a short comic book review of my recent work “Berdugo” from EK Gonzales. Thanks, EK! 😀
“Berdugo” Comic Book Review by EK

You can read “Berdugo” on the following links, Part 1, Part 2

All Killer Kamote Komiks issues that I’ve made are free to read on my other website:

You can also check EK Gonzales’ Instagram account for her comic book reviews of tons and tons of indie Filipino comic books.


Rappler’s list of Filipino Webcomic Artists to Follow

May 6, 2017


I want to thank Ms. Nile Villa and Andoyman of for including me on the list of Filipino webcomic artists to follow.
Visit their site to view the list, click the link below. 😀


Screenshot Image:

Mang Gayber Isyu # 1’s Cover Page at Adobo Magazine

November 7, 2015

My comic, Mang Gayber Isyu # 1’s cover page got featured in Adobo Magazine. Check the lower right corner of the image.

Visit the link below to read their article:

Thanks for featuring 1/4 of my one of my comics’ cover page, Adobo Magazine! 😀