Draw, Draw, Draw & Silly Persons Page Previews

UPDATE:February 14, 2018 – Last preview page of “Silly Persons”, at the very bottom of this post.
Happy Valentine’s Day, guys! 😀
UPDATE:February 12, 2018 – Another preview page of “Silly Persons”

February 10, 2018


It’s been awhile since I posted something here on my blog. I’ve been so busy making “Silly Persons” these past few weeks and if all goes well, I’ll most probably get it done before February ends. I also just bought myself a drawing table as you can see on the photo below. I got it from a guy who also draws and he also handcrafts drawing tables as well. I really like the tables that he makes because you can adjust the setting of the table on a certain angle. I can now avoid having stiffness of my neck when I draw for hours because I just use a plastic drawing board which I place on a table whenever I draw before. I can also put my drawing materials on the drawers on the sides of the table. I also need to find a place where I can put this drawing table of mine.

Right now, I just want to draw, draw and draw and finally finish my very first crappy graphic novel. And then, after that, I’ll try to work for some freelance illustration/graphic design gigs. Afterwards, I’ll begin making another graphic novel of mine but this time it’ll have a more serious tone and also have more pages unlike “Silly Persons” which only have less than fifty pages. I’ll also make it chapter by chapter and post it online every month or so, so it would be lighter for me to do. I still have less than thirty pages or so to ink and I also need to put the script/dialogue of the pages in Photoshop.

All I can say right now for my following graphic novel is that it’s my own comedic take on how “Death” became Death. It’s a story of Death’s adventures during his childhood up until he became Death himself, sort of like an origin story. I still need to research some info about “Death”, the skull guy who wields a scythe.

You can also see preview pages of “Silly Persons” below.

That’s it for now. Thank you for your time reading my comics and blog. Cheers to everyone.

Your friend,

“Silly Persons” Cover Page Preview

January 1, 2018


I’ve decided to finish the cover page of my upcoming “Silly Persons” graphic novel today, first day of 2018. This is also my process on making my comics. Firstly, I pencil the page. I intentionally erased the rough sketches behind my drawing and made my pencils look as tight as I could. That drawing is an old guy thumb-sucking another person’s thumb. And then, I inked over my pencils with technical pens.

After that, I scanned my drawing at 300 dpi and I now have it digitized which I’ve also cleaned up and tweaked the image settings so I can have a sharp and crisp black and white lineart, I’ve also made the title and other credit info of my comic in Photoshop.

I’ve also added flat colors for the cover page.

And here’s the final image of the cover page of Silly Persons. I fixed the old guy’s right shoulder extending down to his arm digitally. He’s thumb-sucking another person’s thumb.

I am going to try my best to draw this the way I drew my previous comic, “Art of Silliness” so this will take some time, so bare with me, guys. It’ll probably get done by February or March of 2018. I hope that when you guys read this, you’ll think that I’ve improved my writing, drawing and story-telling skills on making comics, even if just for a little bit. I also hope that I make you laugh as well. 😀

Thank you for your time!


“Silly Persons” Preliminary Character Sketches

“Silly Persons” Preliminary Character Sketches
UPDATE: November 24, 2017

Here’s some really quick preliminary character sketches for, “Silly Persons”. That’s the title of this comic I’m still currently working on, which also should’ve been “My Dog Has Amnesia” unless I come up with a better title. I’m going to start making this after Christmas. It’ll also have a lot more pages unlike most of the issues of Killer Kamote Komiks that I’ve made in the past. I don’t know how many pages it must have for a comic to be called a graphic novel but I think I’m getting near to it. I’m still polishing the whole story. 😀

These are the main characters for the story. The old guy with the mustache thumb-sucking another person’s thumb is the dean and also the president of the school where the protagonist will study so he will be a silly person.


UPDATE: November 13, 2017.
[ISSUE # 23] Cover Page Preview: My Dog Has Amnesia/I Just Want To Be A Silly Person

Hey guys,

I decided to revise the story for “My Dog Has Amnesia” and just make this issue next year. Sorry for that. 😀 The storyline/plot will be -“What do you want to be when you grow up? I just want to be a silly person when I grow up!”. That’s the theme, along those lines of this issue of Killer Kamote Komiks. He will be a disciple of an old man who’s a master of how a person can be silly. And then I’m going to insert adventure stories for the protagonist, love interest and different side stories. Of course it also must have a twist at some point on the story. I’m going to try attending comic events next year as an exhibitor/comic artist again and sell the comics I’m going to make in the future but I’m still not that sure. Let’s just see what happens next year. 😀

Happy Holidays to you reading this now. 😀


October 18, 2017.

Hi guys,

Here’s a preview of the cover page of the last issue of Killer Kamote Komiks for this year. After this, I’m going to resume making webcomics by next year, 2018. This will come out this November of 2017. It’s only eight pages long. This is a very short webcomic issue of Killer Kamote Komiks about love, you know that thing that gives you the reason to wake up each morning and also about patience and sticking by to your loved ones during hard times. I know that sounds so cheesy but that’s just me, I guess. I’ve probably been watching the movie Wonder Woman a lot of times. Anyway, enough cheesiness. I hope you’ll like this one. Happy holidays to everyone reading this. 😀

Someday, I know my neighbor will take a bath because it still bothers me a lot. I know I’ve said that a lot of times on my past blog entries but I know hearing it also never gets old. 😀