“Berdugo” Page Previews

UPDATE: June 8, 2018 – Sample background art and image thumbnails of the pages I’ve made so far, at the very bottom of this blog post.
UPDATE: May 25, 2018 – Decided to post the table of contents for this comic book.
UPDATE: May 16, 2018 – Actual Pages 1 and 2.
UPDATE: May 11, 2018 – Additional pencil preview.
This blog post was originally posted last May 9, 2018


I’ve finally started to pencil my latest comic, “Berdugo”. When I finally make a printed form of this comic book, the cover page will be colored and the interior pages will be in black and white. I might skip the inking part this time as I’m experimenting with the overall look of this particular comic and also I want to lessen the production time. I’ll definitely put flat colors of different hues of black and white for the interior pages. I know, black and white are not considered as colors but neutrals. You’ll get what I mean as you take a look to what I’ve done so far on the page previews below as I don’t know the exact term for this. 😀

If you can also see, you won’t be able to see my rough sketches behind the tight pencils as I erase them constantly while I draw so I won’t have a hard time cleaning the lines in Photoshop.

I know you guys might think that the first 3 panels on page 2 (you can see it below) is like the cat from Shrek -Puss in Boots eye scene from the movie “Puss in Boots” when he makes that doe eyes thing, but I got this scene of my comic from my one and a half year old toddler nephew. He makes that beautiful doe eyes thing whenever someone scolds him when we need to deal with his tantrums. 😀

I’m really pumped up to get “Berdugo” done so I can finally make my next graphic novel, “Universal Language”:
“Universal Language Graphic Novel” Brief Info

Although, you guys will be able to consume the latter comic I’m talking about most probably by early next year and I’ll launch and start selling printed form of this comic book if I get it done in time before Komiket in February 2019 or if not, at Summer Komikon, also in 2019.

Work-In-Progress of Page 1:

Page 1 Pencil Preview:

UPDATE: May 11, 2018 – Additional pencil preview.
Page 2 Pencil Preview:

(UPDATE: May 16, 2018) Actual pages below (1 and 2)

I work on this for only a couple of hours or so from time to time as I still need to do other things and also, I take a break as well sometimes. My tentative date of completion for this comic book is probably in the middle or late June 2018. These two pages are going to be my previews for the whole comic book. I’m not going to show preview pages anymore. This is a tragic comedy/tragicomedy story of a kid’s love for his own father. I know. I know. I also hate dramas but I hope you guys would still like this when you finally read the whole comic book.
Page 1:

Page 2:

I still need to clean-up the gutters of these pages in Photoshop. 😀

(UPDATE: May 25, 2018) Decided to post the table of contents for this comic book.

UPDATE: June 8, 2018 – Additional page previews and sample background art.
Hello guys!

Here’s a sample background art for Berdugo. This is page thirteen. So far, I’ve made most of the backgrounds on this comic book digitally. I still use a pencil to draw the characters and sketch a bit of the backgrounds and then fix everything digitally in Photoshop as I still prefer traditional methods.

These are the images of the thumbnails of the all the pages that I’ve done so far:

Thank you for your time!


Your pal,

“Berdugo” Graphic Novel Tentative Cover Page

April 30, 2018


Just made this cover page of my newest comic book,”Berdugo” today. I’ll continue the production of this comic after a couple of days. This is the final cover page and the one below is the tentative cover page. You can also see the front and back cover when I finally print this out for future comic conventions. 😀


Front and Back Cover:

This original blog post was posted last April 2, 2018

Hi guys,

Earlier, I thought to myself that it really bugs me that I’d still have to wait for almost a month before I can begin to work on my next graphic novel, Berdugo because I still have a lot of family matters that I need to attend to. So, I spent today’s afternoon until about eight in the evening (as of this writing) drawing and making a “tentative cover page” of my graphic novel, Berdugo. I’m going to start making this comic sometime in mid-May of 2018. You can see the cover page I made below. I’m a big fan of Marvel’s Black Panther, by the way. 😀


“Universal Language” Graphic Novel

April 12, 2018

Hey there,

I know this is still too early but I’d like to announce to the followers of my work about this another graphic novel that I’m going to make but this will probably happen early next year or later this year, after I make “Berdugo”. The title is going to be “Universal Language”. That, or if I come up with a better title. It will be a comedy about the lives of a group of guys in a rock n’ roll band. In case you’re wondering how I came up with the title “Universal Language”, it’s because musical notation or music is considered our universal language, not English. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what language you speak, if you can read written form of music, you’ll be able to comprehend the music you are reading, even if it was written by people who speak a different language.


“Berdugo” Graphic Novel Brief Summary

March 27, 2018


Good day to the followers of my work. 😀

If you guys want to know more about my next graphic novel this year, please continue reading. Here is a brief summary of it: The title is going to be “Berdugo”, which means executioner in Filipino. It’s going to be a story about a son’s love for his own father. This time around I’ll make an adventure/tragic comedy story. The story goes with the protagonist, with the lives of the father and son and one of them will accidentally be transported to an unknown place. I won’t tell you the important turning points and the plot of the whole story right now though. Of course, I will also still inject the usual silliness the Killer Kamote Komiks way. There will also be a prophecy about a soon-to-be-born baby who will become the greatest assassin the universe will ever know. Either that, or he’ll just become an insane underwear model.

To all the followers of my work, you guys can expect to devour this graphic novel before August 2018. 😀


UPDATED: March 30, 2018
Here’s a preliminary sketch of the cast of characters on my next graphic novel, “Berdugo”. I just drew this today but I am going to start making this comic by mid-May 2018.

Oracle, is the prophet in the story. Siomai, a cat. Here in the Philippines, Siomai is a name of a food which is a dumpling and there is also a saying where a Siomai is made of the meat of a cat. But we don’t eat cats here though. Kanuto is the father in the story. Kanuto for me, means like a knucklehead or kamote, which means like a stupid person in Filipino as my folks used to call me that when I was a lot younger. The protagonist, I’m not yet that sure if I’m going to call him Bugoy or Tukmol. Bugoy actually means like a hippie in Filipino. Tukmol also falls under the definition of the word Kanuto. Hanep, is a dog and the word hanep is a slang word in Filipino like the mostly used word, astig, which means awesome, rad or cool. In the provinces in the Philippines, Filipinos actually eat dog meat. Though, I think, now, they made it illegal. I don’t eat dogs and I also think that’s not quite right. Lastly, Tala, is the protagonist’s love interest, the word means a star in Filipino. I’m also not yet that sure but it’s highly likely that I’m going to draw this graphic novel with a cartoony style, like the way I drew these characters as you can see on the image above. 😀

That’s it for now.

Draw, Draw, Draw & Silly Persons Page Previews

UPDATE:February 14, 2018 – Last preview page of “Silly Persons”, at the very bottom of this post.
Happy Valentine’s Day, guys! 😀
UPDATE:February 12, 2018 – Another preview page of “Silly Persons”

February 10, 2018


It’s been awhile since I posted something here on my blog. I’ve been so busy making “Silly Persons” these past few weeks and if all goes well, I’ll most probably get it done before February ends. I also just bought myself a drawing table as you can see on the photo below. I got it from a guy who also draws and he also handcrafts drawing tables as well. I really like the tables that he makes because you can adjust the setting of the table on a certain angle. I can now avoid having stiffness on my neck when I draw for hours because I just use a plastic drawing board which I place on a table whenever I draw before. I can also put my drawing materials on the drawers on the sides of the table. I also need to find a place where I can put this drawing table of mine.

Right now, I just want to draw, draw and draw and finally finish my very first crappy graphic novel. And then, after that, I’ll try to work for some freelance illustration/graphic design gigs. Afterwards, I’ll begin making another graphic novel of mine but this time it’ll have a more serious tone and also have more pages unlike “Silly Persons” which only have less than fifty pages. I’ll also make it chapter by chapter and post it online every month or so, so it would be lighter for me to do. I still have less than thirty pages or so to ink and I also need to put the script/dialogue of the pages in Photoshop.

All I can say right now for my following graphic novel is that it’s my own comedic take on how “Death” became Death. It’s a story of Death’s adventures during his childhood up until he became Death himself, sort of like an origin story. I still need to research some info about “Death”, the skull guy who wields a scythe.

You can also see preview pages of “Silly Persons” below.

That’s it for now. Thank you for your time reading my comics and blog. Cheers to everyone.

Your friend,