Vin @ Komikon Indieket 2018

August 6, 2018


I attended Indieket last Saturday, August 4, 2018 as a comic creator. I arrived at the venue as early as 7:01AM in the morning, to be exact. My seatmate was late for almost half of the day. πŸ˜€

Here’s my table at the event.

Komikon Indieket 2018 crowd.

My Komikon Indieket 2018 haul.

I also got this Betty Boop toy figurine. Another addition to my “hipster toys collection”. 😁

I just want to make this blog post short. I also don’t want to mention all the creators of the comic books that I bought at the event. Anyway, you can see the comic books that I got on the photos above. And also because I am writing this blog post right now on a damn mobile phone as we’re having some internet problems with my internet service provider and I can’t upload on my laptop because of that to properly make a blog post.

I definitely had a blast and I enjoyed going to the event. Thanks to all my friends, to the people who bought my stuff and to all the usual comics people that I get acquainted to at events like this. Thanks again, guys!


Komikon Indieket 2018

Date originally posted this blog entry: July 2, 2018
UPDATE: July 23, 2018 – Additional info at the very bottom of this blog post.


It’s still more than a month away but I decided to make an ad for Komikon Indieket 2018 as I’m going to attend as a comic creator and sell my comic books on that event. You can see it at the bottom of this blog post. If I’m not mistaken, there are other comic cons that’s going to happen before Indieket in August 2018, one of them is Asia Pop Comic Con. I won’t attend those cons as they’re, too far away from where I live. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to, even to comic cons in other countries, I hope so, someday. Although, going to comic cons in other countries is surely going to be expensive, the fare alone will definitely cost a lot and the other expenses you need to shoulder for the duration of the event so that’s going to be another factor if I’m going to consider that notion.

I’d like to thank sir Reno Maniquis and his printing services shop, Creative Trio Design for printing my comic books. Now, if I only have a publisher and a distributor for my work, I’ll be able to sell my comics around the globe with ease. πŸ˜€

If you’re a fan of my work, you can support me by buying my comics and other merchandise. And also, I don’t think so highly of myself but please don’t ask me to take a selfie with you at cons because I’m a bit timid whenever someone takes a photo of me while I’m surrounded by a lot of people. πŸ˜€

Anyway, enough said. Here’s the ad.

UPDATE (July 23, 2018)
Went to the exhibitor’s meeting last Saturday, July 21, 2018 and got my ID for the event, ingress and egress form and other related documents and papers.

Here’s the floor plan to guide you where you can locate me on the said event. I’ll be at table I12.

Trinity Con 2018

June 30, 2018

Hey, guys,

I went to Trinity Con a while ago. The photo below was around 1PM, when I finally got to the venue. There were lots of toys, comics, posters, prints and other related items for sale. It was a really fun event.

The photos below are my haul from the con.

I only bought a few comics, some art prints, a pocketbook and a toy action figure. You can see them clockwise on the photo below. A pre-loved Seinfeld pocketbook which contains jokes from Jerry Seinfeld himself. I’m not sure but as of this writing as I haven’t read it yet but that’s what I think from skimming the book at the event earlier. Komiks Cum Laude, an anthology of comic creators from Komiket’s Comic workshop. I already have this but sir Mark Navarro gave it to me when I bought “The Sweeter Side of R. Crumb” (the comic below) from him. It’s full of illustrations by R. Crumb so I grabbed it. “Arangkada” by sir Lyndon Gregorio, it’s his 20th book. My kid brother buys his comics a few decades ago and I would borrow them and read them as well. I’m a big fan of him and I got nothing but respect to all my fellow comic creators. I think sir Lyndon has been making comics for a few decades now, not that sure though but I hope I can continue working on my own comics like him until I’m really old. And lastly, “Salamat, Ming-Ming” by BK Pena and I also pre-ordered Gioseppe Custodio’s latest comic, “Robber Band”, which I’m going to get from him on Indieket this August 2018.

I got this Aquaman print from sir Jon Zamar and the Batman print from Gioseppe custodio. I’ll put them on the wall on my man-cave together with the other art prints that I got from comic cons in the past.

Batman, Superman and WonderWoman print from BK Pena.

I also got this “Rambo” toy. I think the only person who can beat Chuck Norris is Rambo, aside from Bruce Lee. πŸ˜€ I wanted to buy more toys for myself but I couldn’t find any toys cooler than this guy, Rambo, or other toys similar to this kind of toy! πŸ˜€

The rest of the photos below are toy/figure displays from the event.

Thanks for your time reading this, guys!


Your friend,

Free Comic Book Day 2018

May 5, 2018

Hi guys,

It’s Free Comic Book Day 2018 today and earlier I went to Comic Odyssey at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas, Quezon City, Manila.

The photo below was taken while I was currently waiting in line for Comic Odyssey to open. Probably 15-20 minutes before 10 in the morning.

They gave away 2 free comic books to anyone who wants and they also let us pick what we like and they also gave 20% discount to graphic novels, comic books, toys and action figures.

I chose the “World’s Greatest Cartoonists” published by Fantagraphics. This comic book is like an anthology because there are a lot of short stories by comic book artists/writers and one of them is Simon Hanselmann. That’s why I chose this. For the other one, I picked “Street Angel’s Dog by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca. I was hoping to take “Comics Friends Forever”, another comic anthology, I think and one of the comic creators/contributor for this is Vera Brosgol and Hope Larson. Unfortunately, it wasn’t offered to the choices to the free comic books you can get from Comic Odyssey. Although when they advertised FCBD 2018 here in Manila, that comic book was included on the list of choices of comics that you can get.

I also got “The Adventures of Spaceboy” by B Canapi and Nino Balita, “Manosaur” by Elbert Or and “Komiks Cum Laude” by a lot of local indie comic creators. I bought the latter one because of the line-up of the comic creators.

On my way home, I also dropped by at Fully Booked in SM North Edsa (as this mall is near to where I currently live) and got “Harley Quinn” by King Finch and Bellaire.

I bought only a few comics and all of them are made by local comic artists as I am again saving up and just being thrifty if I want to maintain being a freelancer doing only 3D/graphic design/illustration from time to time. I am still not that sure but I might end up being a full-time comic creator one of these days. That is one of the advantages of saving up cash like what I used to do when I was a lot younger and still had a day job. Now, I work at the comfort of my home and I don’t have a boss and I also get to wake up at around ten to eleven in the morning most of the time. Although, I pee around six in the morning and sometimes I wake up so early and my drowsiness completely fades because of that. πŸ˜€

I was planning to visit the tables of the local comic artists in front of Comic Odyssey to grab a copy of their work like sir Jon Zamar, sir Lyndon Gregorio and sir Ariel Atienza but when I got out of the comic shop, there were so many people on their table so I just decided to head home and support my fellow local comic creators on future comic conventions.

Thank you for reading.


Your friend,

Komiket Comic Book Haul (Feb 2018)

February 24, 2018


Just like any other person who goes to comic conventions, it’s time to show my own comic book haul at Komiket earlier.
Here’s a photo I took at the comic event: (I was there around 10-11 in the morning.)

When I first got there, I went to sir Gerry Alanguilan’s table, albeit, I knew that he will be absent on this comic event. I just thought that I could probably buy his comics that I still don’t have but I already got all the comics that they were selling from sir Gerry. If I’m also not mistaken, I’ve seen his brother, I recognized that he is his brother because I’ve seen his photo on sir Gerry’s blog and he wrote that their father just died a few weeks ago. I thought I’d say and give my condolences to them but I was kinda shy. πŸ˜€ I think I’m like an extrovert whenever I write something here on my blog but when I’m on the actual place or when I’m in front of people, I quickly become an introvert.

Shout out to Sir Paolo Herras, Sir Andrew Villar, Sir Norby Ela, Kim Karlo Chua and Sir Sandy of Comic Odyssey as I’ve seen them earlier. I searched Comic Oddysey’s tables but I didn’t find any gem of a comic which I was hoping to buy. Perhaps, next time. I was also thinking of approaching Sir Carlo Jose San Juan when I’ve seen him but I don’t think he noticed me, even sir Sandy and besides they were talking to each other when I saw both of them so I just walked away and went around the place and I don’t think they know me at all. πŸ™‚

First Batch of Komiket Haul:

Sir Carlo Vergara’s “Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady, Sir PJ Catacutan’s “Buster”, Gioseppe Custodio’s “Con Artists”, Toto Madayag’s “Pucha, E ‘Di Komiks” and Dead Balagtas’ “Mga Sayaw ng Dagat at Lupa”.

Second Batch of Komiket Haul:

Haitori’s “Sagala” Chapter 3, Francis Martelino’s “Hotdog Prince” 1 and 2, Milo Galang’s “Patch” Issue number 1 and 2, JC Panlilio’s “Agila” Issue 1 and 2.

I was hoping I could ask sir Carlo Vergara and Emiliana Kampilan to sign my copies of their comic books but they were not there. I’m really intrigued with sir Carlo Vergara’s Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah as I have a lot of gay friends when I was still studying, not to mention gay people are really good comedians, although I’m not one of them though as I’m straight as a ruler and I also respect people like them (LGBTQ) people. Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah is a gay superhero comic book character by Sir Carlo Vergara.

I’ve heard good reviews of Sir PJ Catacutan’s “Buster”, Dead Balagtas’ “Mga Sayaw ng Dagat at Lupa”. Loving one’s own language is good and I can say that Tagalog is a beautiful language. Emiliana writes in deep Tagalog which is why I also like her comics; Francis Martelino’s “Hotdog Prince” 1 and 2, Milo Galang’s “Patch” Issue number 1 and 2, JC Panlilio’s “Agila” Issue 1 and 2. All these guys’ comics have good reviews that’s why I bought them. To the rest of the comic peeps that I might’ve missed or wasn’t fortunate enough to take a look at their work and wasn’t able to grab a copy of their comics, I’ll support you guys next time. πŸ™‚

I know I’m going to sound like a know-it-all but I’m not and I’d just like to say that back in the time of Jose Rizal (national Filipino hero), there was no Taglish (Tagalog + English). Filipinos talked deep and straight Tagalog if they were conversing in Filipino and straight English if they were talking in English. Not unless, if there are no translations in English on Filipino words or vice versa. That’s the time you use and combine English to Tagalog words. Now, I think our language here in the Philippines is evolving because we all talk Taglish most often. We interweave English words on our normal Tagalog/Filipino conversations. I’ve read a forum before somewhere here on the internet and I read that Singaporeans also talks “Singlish”, which means, Singaporean language and English. They also combine those two languages just like our own “Taglish”.

It’s really rare to see Toto Madayag’s table without a long line of adoring fans like I’ve always seen him on comic conventions but when I got inside the comic event venue, there were not a lot of people. I guess it’s just because of the time when I got there or probably a lot of his fans already have a copy of his latest work because if you’ll go to another comic event, there’s no point in coming to that event again as you won’t buy any new comics from your comic book idols if you’ve already bought their latest comics in the past comic events that you went to. That’s also the reason why I don’t go to other comic events because I know I won’t be able to buy new stuff from my comic book people friends when I already have their most recent work. What will I buy if I already have their newest work? That’s why I’m also trying to buy new comics from new comic book writers/artist. Toto’s comics is always funny so I am really excited to read this latest work of him. πŸ˜€

Gioseppe Custodio is one of the first comics people that I’ve got acquainted to since I began attending comic events in 2014. I was clueless to all the things a person must need to do to become a part of a comic convention (exhibitor/comic book writer/artist). If I’m not mistaken, Gio also started going to comic events in 2014, not that sure though but was fortunate enough to share a table once or twice with him before so, yeah, I always buy his stuff as I also enjoy reading his comics.

And finally, I got Tori Tadiar’s 3rd Chapter of her comic “Sagala”.

It’s good to see Tori again but I don’t think she knows me though and I was hoping I could go back to Komiket tomorrow (February 25, 2018) just so I can see her on stage and speak about her comics but I got some other plans and I am also getting a bit lazy. Only one chapter left and her comic “Sagala” will finally get done. I’m eager to read the following comics that she’ll make in the future. πŸ˜€

To all the readers of Killer Kamote Komiks here in Manila, see you guys at Indieket in August, Komiket in October and the annual Komikon in November. Hopefully, I’ll be able to self-publish my comic “Silly Persons” and the other graphic novel I’m going to make this year and sell them on those events. πŸ˜€

That’s it for now. Cheers to everyone who reads my comics.

Your friend,