New Web Design

December 27, 2017


I’ve decided to revamp‘s web design. I hope you guys would like the new user-friendly-interface where you can read or download my comics on that website. I uninstalled WordPress and instead placed some simple HTML codes for the webpages with a little bit of CSS where I can post my comics. I don’t know much about creating websites but I got to experience making simple webpages back in the dinosaur age. I used to make various websites on more than two decades ago using Microsoft Frontpage Editor and hand coding HTML on Windows Notepad and I also have a blog a very long time ago. If you have a Yahoo email account before, you could use their free web hosting services with your email as your domain name added after the link Now, websites are really complicated to make with all the programming languages out there but it depends though on what kind of website you’re going to make. WordPress, I think, however is leading a large percentage of websites running throughout the internet nowadays. Anyway, just wanted to say that.

Watch out for my “Silly Persons” graphic novel next year together with another one or two more graphic novel-length comics that I’m going to make in 2018.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the readers of Killer Kamote Komiks. 😀


First Blog Entry: That “Silly Persons” Graphic Novel

December 11, 2017.


I felt I needed to post a blog entry to my new and personal website today. I made a total of seven issues of Killer Kamote Komiks this year, 2017. Another year is about to end. Now, I am really excited to start making my latest comic “Silly Persons” after the holiday season. A bit info about the comic I’m talking about:
Silly Persons Graphic Novel (Last Update for 2017)
Silly Persons Preliminary Character Sketches
After I get this comic done, my estimated or calculated time that I’ll be able to finish this is by February 2018, hopefully. And then, I’ll probably make another one or two graphic novel length comic. If I won’t be able to get this made before Komiket by February next year, I’ll self-publish this in printed form and release it at Komikon Indieket next year together with another new graphic novel that I’m planning to make after “Silly Persons” in limited edition and if it’d sell well, I’m going to print another batch of it for November Komikon and other comic conventions in 2018. Indieket seems to be the proper venue for me to sell these as it’s still considered an “indie” comic. If you’re a legit comic publisher and wants to publish my work, please contact me. 😀 The only problem for this is that the production time of making a comic gets longer if I’m going to make a graphic novel having a minimum page count of fifty and above. The reason why I’m going to do this and avoid creating short stories on my comics every month or so is so that I’ll be able to practice writing and illustrating a bit more complex or complicated stories for my comics. Not just straight-forward stories full of silly and fart jokes, albeit, these jokes are what Killer Kamote Komiks is built of since its inception last 2014. Who knows, perhaps someday I could direct my own movie. 😀

Happy Holidays to you reading this!


“Silly Persons” Graphic Novel (Last Update for 2017)

“Silly Persons” Graphic Novel (Last Update for 2017)
November 28, 2017.


This is going to be my last update for the comic I’m currently working on, which is “Silly Persons”, this year. Although, I’ll try posting some sample penciled and inked pages as soon as I’ve made something. I’m done writing the whole story and laying out my thumbnail sketches for all the pages. These thumbnail sketches will serve as my guide when I finally begin penciling and inking the pages after Christmas day. The total page count is fifty-four (54) pages excluding the cover page and probably the credits page as well at the end of the full comic. I am going to make this issue the “best comic” that I’ve made so far once I’m done with this. 😀

Next year, 2018. I plan on limiting the comics that I will make but, I’ll put out more comics with more pages like this one I’m doing so it’s just like a breakeven thing if you’d consider what I’ve been doing these past few years. I almost put out a new issue of Killer Kamote Komiks every month or so but with fewer pages for each issue.

In 2018, I also plan to attend comic conventions a lot more, as an exhibitor or a comic artist. Or if not, just drop by and take a look around.

Albeit, on the specified date of Summer Komikon next year, April 14 of 2018, I have other plans so I won’t be able to go. I’ll just really try to make it up on other comic conventions next year.

I hope I can finish this comic I’m currently working on before Komiket in February next year so I can start selling it at comic events. Fifty-four or more (54+) pages to pencil and ink with almost only three months to go. I really hope I’ll be able to make this before the deadline.

Some of the comic events, just to name a few that I am planning to go to in 2018. I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I advertise some of these comic events here in our country:
Of course, Komiket, Komikon and Indieket:
Sir Gerry Alanguilan’s San Pablo City Comics Festival

And a whole lot more. I won’t write a joke on this blog entry as I’ve put loads and loads of silly jokes the Killer Kamote Komiks way on “Silly Persons”. 😀

Let’s support our own local comics scene here in our really small comics community in the Philippines. Happy Holidays to you reading this! 😀


Your friend,
Vin and Freelance 3D, Graphic Design/Illustration Gigs

UPDATE: January 26, 2018


Look what I got from the post office today. It’s the second issue of Swamp Cone Mag. Thank you, Ms. Anna. Please support Swamp Cone Mag.

September 2, 2017


I was searching for some freelance 3D/graphic design/illustration gigs a few weeks ago some time last month when I was making the “Art of Silliness” issue for Killer Kamote Komiks when I stumbled upon a post on the Internet that there’s an open call for comic strip submissions for their Mag; named, Swampcone Magazine. So, I tried sending some of my work and they replied back and Miss Anna told me that my comic strip will be included in the first issue of Swampcone Mag.

They told me that their Mag’s goal is to spread Vancouver, BC, Canada’s comics to the world and comics from the world to Vancouver, BC, Canada. The payment isn’t that high once your comic strip gets approved but I am still grateful to them, fifteen bucks per page. This is also not just about money for me. Being included alongside other comics artists around the globe is really something for me. It means a lot to me.

I am looking for comics publishers (locally or internationally) and if there are some out there reading this, please consider my work. I already have more than four hundred pages or so of pure silliness the Killer Kamote Komiks goodness way. Instead of searching for freelance 3D/graphic design/illustration gigs from time to time and among my group of friends, I’d rather just make comics instead. If I can do that full time and focus on making comics, I’d drop everything I’m doing and just start and treat making comics as a full-time day job.

Here’s a sample freelance illustration gig that I got years ago. It’s a sci-fi concept art. I made a lot of character concept art and spaceships for this and I got 400 or 500 bucks USD for this, if I’m not mistaken. Sir David asked me to do this for him. You can check his website here:

If you guys also notice, I don’t put google ads or any kind of ads that can be put on websites in my own website. I think those ads will just annoy the hell out of the readers. Most especially the pop-up ads. I’m saying all these things so that if someone out there can help me just keep on making more comics and stop doing freelance 3D/graphic design/illustration gigs from time to time, you can do so by contacting me and I’ll thank you and be grateful to you and just do what I want to do until the end of space and time. And that is to make silly comics. Not just silly comics though, you can download all my comics for free and see what kind of comics I make. I also promise to make it better and improve the quality of my comics in the future. Yeah, I’m not lazy, I still want to work and have some freelance gigs from time to time.

More than a decade ago, a year before I was to graduate from a civil engineering degree, I transferred school and decided to take up animation instead. Afterwards, I had a short day job stint as a 3D/graphic artist/copywriter in an advertising company and an Information Technology outsourcing company, both respectively somewhere here in Manila but it didn’t last long as I decided to quit and just be a full-time freelance artist and now, I still continue to do that and make comics in my spare time. I should’ve taken fine arts or any other degree related to making comics though but you get what I mean as this is what I want to do with my life. Or, be a rock n’ roll musician.

More Killer Kamote Komiks for everyone in the future!


Support us by grabbing a copy of Swampcone Magazine. You can see my name on number 18.

You can grab a copy of Swampcone Magazine’s very first issue on their website.

Webcomic plug for a friend (

Webcomic plug for a friend []
July 31, 2017

Hello, guys!

I just got this from the mail today and I want to thank my friend, Jonathan Greer for sending me this pin buttons and a sticker of his webcomic. The sticker got crumpled though. I got acquainted with him through the Internet. He’s from America. Sometimes he gives out free stuff like comics and like what he just sent to me. I’ve also been a follower of his webcomic, it’s always a good read and a bit silly as well that’s why I like it a lot. I am making this post to advertise/plug his webcomic and Facebook pages and of course to thank him. You can find the links below. Please check out his webcomic and join the Facebook groups he maintains. We talk about comics and other geeky/nerdy stuff on these pages I’ve mentioned. Follow his Instagram as well.

Of course, I had to cover our home addresses.

That’s it for now. Thank you for your time.