Own Drawing Style

July 1, 2019


I decided to draw today and this is what came out of me, probably because of all the cartoons that I’ve been watching. I’m going to try my best perfecting this style of illustration so that this will be my own/default drawing style for my comics.

Please do not take offense on my jokes because they are only jokes. Simple as that. I do not mean to offend anyone.

All the illustrations below was drawn by me, a very long time ago. I posted them here, again, because I will draw the backgrounds for my comics like these guys, from now on.

Later this year, I’ll make gag-a-week comic strips again, more so for the next year, 2020. Something light for me to do as I will take a break making crappy comics/graphic novels/short novels 😀 like the most recent ones I’ve made in the past two years like the Silly Persons comics series.

I can’t wait to read my Silly Persons comics series drawn by a really good comic book artist and also if I made or committed some minor mistakes regarding the writing part, I’ll ask the services of a professional writer to rewrite and fix the mistakes once I start working for Comedy Central Asia. The grammar-Nazis will be a lot helpful by then. 😀

You can ask the Filipino Mafia how much money they are going to shell out for the additional writers and artists if we’ll need them to help us out redraw every issue of Killer Kamote Komiks that I’ve made in the past and I will make in the future. I will not pocket all the cash once our deal with Comedy Central Asia happens as a large part of it will go to Filipino Mafia because they are the ones responsible for me getting that kind of deal from Comedy Central Asia and also even the deal from Cartoon Network Asia that’s why I am really grateful to them.

Comedy Central Asia also said that we can have different kinds of art styles for each issue of Killer Kamote Komiks that I have made so there will be a lot of room for different artists and writers if ever we’ll need them.

I would also like to say that the Filipino Mafia are good guys. They are not mafias you can find in other countries like the Japanese Yakuza or Spanish mafia. I’m not against any other race in this world, though. I am just explaining things as once a person hears the word “mafia”, they instantly incorporate it to organized crime syndicates in this world. Filipino mafia are made up of professional writers, artists, computer programmers and just plain all-around geeks who are really wealthy and powerful. They are also the ones who would like to shoulder the expenses when we start rewriting and redrawing my comics for Comedy Central Asia. So until then, you guys are stuck with my illustrations for my comics. But, like what I’ve always said in the past, I hope the writing and silliness part always compensates my crappy illustrations.

I want to make people laugh via my comics and I hope I do so. 😀


Silly Persons Comic Book Series

June 21, 2019

Hi guys,

You can now read the whole 3 issues of Silly Persons. It comprises of the following issues of Killer Kamote Komiks below.

The first part is: Silly Persons, followed by Silly Persons: Broken Chord. And then lastly you can read the final conclusion of the story on this link, Silly Persons: The End.

“Silly Persons” is the prequel to my short novel, “Broken Chord”. Right after the ending of “Silly Persons”, the story of “Broken Chord” happened after a few years. The main guy in “Silly Persons” is also the same guy in “Broken Chord” who murdered his band-mate. After he killed his girl in “Silly Persons”, he found a wife in “Broken Chord” and they had a son, which is the little guy who churned out trumpet sounds and ruined the main guy’s moment at the ending. 😀

Please read the additional info below AFTER you’ve read the links above to avoid spoilers.

In case you guys are also wondering why the cover page of “Broken Chord” looks a bit wrong because the blood and the splattered brains are on the left side, instead of on the right side of my illustration, it is because I want to hide the “twist” at the ending. It was actually his band-mate who shot the guy whom you thought committed suicide. If a person holds and aims a gun on the right of his head using his right hand and pulls the trigger, the blood and the splattered brains should be on the left side of his head.


Silly Persons: The End

June 21, 2019

Hi guys,

Here’s the last installment/conclusion of my 3-issue limited comic book series, “Silly Persons”. I decided to just write the whole thing down because this issue is really short. I hope you get entertained and get some laughs out of this. 😀


Broken Chord

March 20, 2019

Hi guys,

I just published my short novel, “Broken Chord”, online. You can read it here: Broken Chord. Or, on this blog since this issue is just pure text, except for the front and back covers–the only illustrations I’ve made for this issue, I’ve decided to post it here as well. You can read it below. The next short novel or “major” comic book I’m going to make will come out early next year, 2020. But, I’m going to make some gag-a-week comic strips again this year, 2019–something light for me to do, after I take a couple of months of break to keep up with the company’s who want to give me a job like Comedy Central Asia and Cartoon Network Asia. I’ll still post some illustrations and write something from time to time and post them here.

That’s it for now. Cheers. 😀

Your friend,

Freelance Gigs

November 21, 2018


I’ve decided to write something here on my blog today. I don’t know if anyone cares about this, but anyway, beginning next month up until Summer Komikon in April 2019, I’m going to take a break making comics. I will start making my next comic book after the comic event I just mentioned. I’m going to focus finding some freelance illustration/graphic design gigs during that period and also just to unwind and relax from making comics because all I ever did was to make comics for the whole year.

Watch out for the next comic book I’m going to make next year though as it’s going to be another silly one the Killer Kamote Komiks way and this time it’ll be in full comic format. I’ve made 3 issues of Killer Kamote Komiks this year (2018) and it’s getting lesser and lesser every year, unlike when I was still starting out (2014) as I put out issues frequently, every month or every other month or so before, but the recent comics that I’ve made were “better” for me as they have more pages and I think they can be called a “comic book” or a “graphic novel”, not just an “online comic” or a “webcomic”.

I’m not a lazy person as I still want to have freelance gigs from time to time. Here’s an example of one of my works before. It’s a logo design. It’s an air filter, aroma salt therapy machine named, WAVY. My client sent me her rough pencil sketch of their logo and she instructed me to turn it into digital format and also I’ve fixed and polished the overall look of it.

I accidentally deleted the file of the logo I’ve made on my hard drive so all I have left are these photos from them. You can see the logo (the blue-green word WAVY) on the actual machine below. I made that:

I made the logo and got paid for under 75 bucks USD (US Dollars) if I’m not mistaken and I think I was underpaid for that kind of work. I was also lucky to have made some concept art before and I got 400-500 (USD) for it. You can read some info and see some pencil drawings that I made about that on the following link: Science Fiction Concept Art

If I didn’t thought to make my own comics last 2014 (that’s the year I started to make comics), I would just be a full-time freelancer up to this day and I wouldn’t have met my “comics-people” friends and wouldn’t have all the people who follows my work. I consider my comics my pride and joy and my crowning glory and if the day comes that I decide to stop making comics, I know it’ll leave a deep void within me. I really hate dramas. 😀

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading! See you at Komiket in February 2019 and in other comic events next year, guys. 😀