Komiket October 2018

October 14, 2018

Ahoy there mates,

I went to Komiket yesterday, October 13, 2018. I was so early that the event hasn’t even started when I got there, around quarter to ten in the morning. Took these photos right when I entered the venue and when the doors were opened.

I dropped by at the table of my friends and said my hello’s to them again. Afterwards, I decided to roam around and sniffed and inhaled the air all these people breathed. Just kidding though. And then, I bought some comics and you can see my Komiket October 2018 haul:

I saw a few old copies of Sandman comics by sir Neil Gaiman and also some old works of sir Warren Ellis for only a hundred Philippine pesos each for some, and some, for only a hundred and fifty pesos each, so I immediately bought them as I’m a big fan of the both of them. Bought some other comics as well and then some local comics. I wasn’t able to find some of the local comic creators that I wanted to see so that I could buy their comics and merch as I went so early. They probably got there at a later time so probably next time, I guess. Will promise to buy more local comics next time as well. Most of them were just not around when I got in the venue like I’ve mentioned.

I’m pretty much excited to make my upcoming comic book/picture book, “JeST DO IT come November. Tomorrow and for the last remaining weeks of October, I’ll continue my weekly silly Inktober 2018 entries. After I make “JeST DO IT”, I think I’ll try to stay away from social media for as long as I can as I badly need a break from it. Probably a day or two. Just kidding. Most probably at least a month? I’ll take a rest from all the liking I make on all people on my friends lists on social media websites. Kidding aside, I just want to take a break from social media for a while. I’ll also start selling “JeST DO IT” in February of 2019 at Komiket. In case you guys are wondering what Komiket means, I think it means, comics and art market.

While I’m taking a break from social media, I’ll focus on my hobbies and passions -reading, writing, drawing, playing music and watching sports. Now that I mentioned sports, watching a daily sports show, shown here in Manila every night completes my day. Not to mention, the lady sportscasters are my kind of girls. Haha. πŸ˜€

Some people say I brag a lot. That’s not true. I’m just probably trying to be funny in some way but I assure you, I don’t think so highly of myself and I don’t brag. I’m also not some stuck-up hipster who only caters to other hipsters as well. I’m a friendly guy and I’m just like any normal millennial out there. Albeit, I try to be different most of the time, because, why not, right? πŸ˜€

I’ve come so far since the inception of Killer Kamote Komiks in 2014, I’ve already put out twenty-four silly issues for four years (2014-2018) and my upcoming comic book/picture book, “JeST DO IT” will be the twenty-fifth issue. To all the people who reads and follows my work, I wish everyone of you lots of loving, all your lives and my upcoming comic book/picture book, “JeST DO IT” is dedicated to each and everyone of you. πŸ˜€


Your friend,

Emo’Tard Alert

August 12, 2018

Hey guys, this blog post is a personal blog post entry so if you don’t like things like that, just pay no attention and skip this blog entry and don’t read it. Who cares what I post online anyway. Haha. πŸ˜€

Yesterday, a kid cousin of mine finally tied the knot again and that made me think about my personal life. I’ve been involved with “Filipino Mafia”, they don’t do bad things though, they’re good guys. I just used the term “mafia”. They’re actually my friends since I was a lot younger and here are some of them: http://arvinvalenzuela.com/blog/2017/02/13/colored-people/.

I’m waiting for them and it’s really hard to explain our situation, with all the attachments that these guys and me have for each other regarding our situation. Although, it’s really taking them so long to finally end our situation. But eventually, these guys will come for me, sooner or later and all I want is the best for my family and close relatives. After all these years that me and my friends (Filipino mafia) have been through, I can’t just let them go. I love these guys and I still want them to come. Albeit, sometimes I wonder what if I just break out of our situation and finally live free from them. I am still alone in life at 35 years of age but I’m not lonely. Although, a significant other would be good for me. I just thought about things like these I’m talking about because a kid cousin of mine got married yesterday, like I’ve mentioned. Not only that and also the fact that I’m getting older. I’m actually doing quite well with my life right now, never been better since I decided to stop studying civil engineering and transferred to another school and took up animation instead. I suck at animation though. I’m more of a 3D modeler of environment assets and organic 3D models. Hahaha. πŸ˜€ But, right now, I’m into making my own comic books, since November of 2014, and I think I want to keep doing this until I’m really old and also work on some freelance graphic/3D and illustration gigs from time to time. I want to make people laugh via comics as I really enjoy drawing and writing. Hopefully a big publisher would publish my work sometime in the future that’s why I’m trying my best to make my comics better. I think this is my calling in life, to be a silly comic book creator. There has always been a “geek” or even a “nerd” inside of me since I was young. I loved comic books and video games ever since I was a child. I’m also a guitar geek. When I was still in highschool, I’d spend like 5-7 hours everyday trying to figure out how to play a certain song, I would also change the tuning keys of my guitar once they start to tarnish and rust and even learn how to change the pickups on my electric guitar, use different types of electric guitar effects, things like that. I also don’t go out that much. I don’t go to places where people can “gimmick”, I don’t do that. I’ve never done anything like that in my entire life.

When I stopped taking up my civil engineering degree many years ago, there were moments where I asked and told my folks if I can just become a handsome priest. I was even an altar boy, a member of Knights of the Altar when I was a kid. I wore a Sutana (those white/black clothes priests wear, which look like curtains) I’m not kidding, I really thought of that before and also if I could just join Philippine Military Academy and be a badass person or perhaps become a member of a SWAT team. Although, I was still too young and thin back then. That was when I was young, though. I grew old, and now, I’m an agnostic and sometimes I even turn to an atheist whenever religions of people annoy the hell out of me. But, I still keep in mind to be respectful to people who have their own religion.

That’s all I have to say today. I just wanted to get that out of my system. Anyway, here’s some photos that I took at my kid cousin’s nuptial yesterday. I was so early again at the venue of the event. πŸ˜€

I’ll post updates on the next comic book I’m going to make soon entitled, “JeST DO IT.”


Komikon Indieket 2018

Date originally posted this blog entry: July 2, 2018
UPDATE: July 23, 2018 – Additional info at the very bottom of this blog post.


It’s still more than a month away but I decided to make an ad for Komikon Indieket 2018 as I’m going to attend as a comic creator and sell my comic books on that event. You can see it at the bottom of this blog post. If I’m not mistaken, there are other comic cons that’s going to happen before Indieket in August 2018, one of them is Asia Pop Comic Con. I won’t attend those cons as they’re, too far away from where I live. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to, even to comic cons in other countries, I hope so, someday. Although, going to comic cons in other countries is surely going to be expensive, the fare alone will definitely cost a lot and the other expenses you need to shoulder for the duration of the event so that’s going to be another factor if I’m going to consider that notion.

I’d like to thank sir Reno Maniquis and his printing services shop, Creative Trio Design for printing my comic books. Now, if I only have a publisher and a distributor for my work, I’ll be able to sell my comics around the globe with ease. πŸ˜€

If you’re a fan of my work, you can support me by buying my comics and other merchandise. And also, I don’t think so highly of myself but please don’t ask me to take a selfie with you at cons because I’m a bit timid whenever someone takes a photo of me while I’m surrounded by a lot of people. πŸ˜€

Anyway, enough said. Here’s the ad.

UPDATE (July 23, 2018)
Went to the exhibitor’s meeting last Saturday, July 21, 2018 and got my ID for the event, ingress and egress form and other related documents and papers.

Here’s the floor plan to guide you where you can locate me on the said event. I’ll be at table I12.

β€œBerdugo” – Published Online (June 25, 2018)

June 25, 2018


My latest work is now up on my other website. You can now read “Berdugo”.

Please do not take the jokes on my comics so seriously and as like I’ve said, I am just kidding. Take them lightly and I also don’t have any intentions of offending anyone on my comics.

Sorry for the crappy illustrations on this comic book. But, like what I always say, I hope the writing part/story and the silly jokes makes up for it. I promise to improve and make the illustrations much, much better on the comics that I’ll make in the future. Also with the writing and the silly jokes part, of course. From now on, the way I drew my previous comic book, “Silly Persons” will be my default drawing style, it just needs a bit of refining, I think.

I wrote a separate blog post about my illustration style regarding “Berdugo” and finally decided to settle on a drawing style which I am most comfortable with last week. πŸ˜€

I’ll keep you guys updated on the next comic book that I’m going to make, just visit this blog from time to time. Thanks again for your time reading my work. All the comics that I make are free for everyone to read. If you enjoy reading my comics, consider donating any amount to my Paypal account or you can buy my comics in printed form on comic events that I’ll be going to. πŸ˜€

I hope you enjoy this issue of Killer Kamote Komiks!


Your friend,

Berdugo Sigh and Nigh

June 17, 2018


To the people who follows my work, “Berdugo” will get done and will be up on my other website: www.killerkamotekomiks.com in the last week of June or first week of July 2018. I’m working on the last few pages of it but I’m really not contented with the way how I drew it. If I’m going to re-draw every page again, I wouldn’t be able to finish it in time before the upcoming comic conventions later this year, so I’m just going to continue illustrating it the way how I started drawing it. But, after I make “Berdugo”, from that point on, every time I make comics in the future, I’ll draw like the way I drew my last comic, “Silly Persons” and I’ll also draw with shading, shadows and highlights, etc. so it’ll not look like a coloring book. πŸ˜€

I still need to study and practice drawing the human anatomy more though as my work still has a lot of room for improvement. I don’t think so highly of myself and I know my art is not yet up to par with the pros but like what I’ve always said, I hope the comedic writing part and stories on my comics compensates my crappy illustrations. πŸ˜€

I’m most definitely not bragging and certainly also not condescending, I’m just being true to myself. If I ask anyone who’ve read my earlier comics most especially when I was still in the inception and just starting out making comics (first few issues of Killer Kamote Komiks), I know you guys would also notice how bad my drawings look and it only improved even for a tiny bit only in the late 2017, right before I made “Silly Persons”. I’m going to allot more time making my comics after I make, “Berdugo” to make it look much better.

I read somewhere before that alternative comic book artists make alternative comics because they can’t draw the way mainstream comics are drawn. πŸ˜€ Although, I know that’s just a somewhat rude joke and most alternative comic book artists draw using their own style for their comics and they make comics from scratch. They write and draw their own stories, which is what I want for the comics that I make and anyways, like what I’ve said, I’m not that good. I am also not a stuck-up hipster as I also read mainstream comics aside from alternative comics. πŸ˜€

Thank you for your time reading this!


Your friend,