September 18, 2017

Hi guys!

Here’s an illustration/digital painting of mine today of “Norman” from Daniel Clowes’ graphic novel and this was actually also adapted into a movie a very long time ago, entitled, “Ghost World”. I’m a big fan of Sir Daniel Clowes’ work, especially, Ghost World so I made a fan art and here it is. Most people who are also a fan of Ghost World would most probably make a fan art by illustrating Enid and Rebecca (the main characters on this graphic novel/movie I mentioned). I avoided that so I drew “Norman” instead. He’s an old guy who always sits on a bench on a bus stop but the bus line on that area got re-routed a lot of years ago, shown on and off on the graphic novel/movie I’m talking about. One day, a bus came and Norman finally went on to his destination. Nobody knows where and even Enid (the protagonist, one of the main characters of the said comics/movie) rode that bus at the end of the graphic novel/movie.

I already said this before but I still have this thing that I worry about, it really bugs me a lot- when will my neighbor really take a bath.

September is about to end and the holiday season is around the corner. I want to greet everyone who reads/follows my work, happy holidays to all of you guys! 😀


Tabon Kid 2D Traditional Animation

February, 28, 2017


This is an animatic (but I already consider it as sort of like a short animation), named, Tabon Kid. I made this last 2009, it’s almost a decade old. At first I was really enthusiastic making this but after a few weeks of working on it, I got so lazy so I just made it look like an animatic/storyboard and I still just really wanted to finish this even if it would look really crappy. The production time of this is also a factor because I had to do this in a very short period of time. I also lost the high-resolution video of this that’s why it looks blurry. If I’d post a high-res version of this I’d have to composite every image frame that I drew for this again. I know it sucks really bad. I was also a whole lot younger back then when I made this personal project of mine of a 2D traditional short animation. I thought after all these years, I’d just finally post it online. I also converted this into comics form. Pardon me if the timing, in-betweens, follow-throughs on this animation is a bit off and if most of the motions looks poorly animated or any other aspect of animation you’d have to follow to create animation. It looks like a very poorly animated Anime. You know those Anime cartoons where they’re very thrifty on the motions of the characters, it looks like one of those. 😀


If you can’t see the video above, try this below:

Private Hell

December 13, 2016.


I’m still currently working on my latest comic “Dog of God” from time to time. In the meantime, here’s an old crappy charcoal illustration of mine that I found on my laptop’s hard drive while I was cleaning my files. Albeit, I already lost this though, I only have this pic of the actual illustration.

Happy Holidays to all of you people who reads my comics! 😀


Tabon Kid Background Art

September 25, 2016

Backgrounds that I drew a really long time ago for my short 2D animated film, which I also converted to a silent-comics named, “Tabon Kid”. This drawing was inspired by R. Crumb’s gritty lineart as you can ostensibly see on this illustration.

You can put these three illustrations of mine beside each other and form the whole background you can see below: