Inktober 2018

October 2, 2018


It’s finally October, so here’s my entry for the first week. I’m going to pick a theme from Inktober’s prompt list once a week and draw something using that theme as my guide. Something light for me to do weekly. I’m nearing the completion of writing the whole “JeST DO IT” comic book/picture book so most probably I’m going to begin making it by November this year. I think I’m going to be a lot busy this coming holiday season because of that. I’ll continue selling my comic books to comic conventions next year, 2019. Anyway, here’s October 2, 2018, “Tranquil” from the prompt list of Inktober. πŸ˜€

October 8, 2018
Today, I decided not to follow the arrangement of the prompt list and picked a theme for October 15, 2018, which is, “Weak”. I’ll pick another three themes for the next following three weeks. πŸ˜€

October 15, 2018
My entry for this week’s Inktober 2018.

October 22, 2018
This is going to be my final Inktober 2018 entry. Come next week, I’ll start making, “JeST DO IT”. If I manage to finish it by December 2018, I’ll publish it online on the month I just stated and “JeST DO IT” will be my Christmas present to everyone who reads my comics. I hope I make you guys laugh even for a little bit. πŸ˜€ I am also probably won’t be able to go to the annual Komikon this November 2018 as I have some other plans but see you guys at Komiket in February 2019. I’ll launch ‘JeST DO IT’ on the said comics and art event and you guys can also still grab a copy of my recent comic books, ‘Silly Persons’ and ‘Berdugo’.

Happy holidays to you guys!



August 15, 2018


I drew something today. I’m practicing for Inktober this coming October and I am also open for commissions. Message me if you want me to draw something for you. You can find my email address at the top right sidebar of this blog. I’ll try to improve my illustrations much much better. I hope the silly writing part compensates my crappy drawings. I think, I’m more of a comic book writer than a comic book artist. πŸ˜€


Your friend,

Free Killer Kamote Komiks Desktop Wallpapers

August 8, 2018

Hey there,

Made some Killer Kamote Komiks desktop wallpapers today which you can download for free. Scroll down and look for the link on the right sidebar of this blog. You can also just click here to download them if you want. You can see smaller images of the five desktop wallpapers I made below.

I’ll post updates about the next comic book I’ll be making soon.

Thanks, guys.


Killer Kamote Komiks Corner Box Logo for Cover Pages

July 18, 2018

Hello guys,

I’ve decided to revamp the corner box logo for the cover pages of Killer Kamote Komiks. I started adding a corner box logo on my comics initially in 2016 but I began making comics since 2014. I’ve come so far as I’ve already put out 24 issues. You can see the evolution of the corner box I’m talking about below.

I’m currently developing the storyline for my next comic. I think Universal Language will be put on hold as I have another idea for a comic book. I’m still not that sure if it’ll be the one I’m going to do for the succeeding issue of Killer Kamote Komiks, though. But, you can visit this blog from time to time for future updates about the next comic I’m going to make.

That’s it for now. Thanks to you reading this.


Your friend,

Dog and Bactidol

June 12, 2018

Hello there,

After a few years, I finally used acrylic paint again. I know, I suck at traditional painting but I just wanted to try it again. I’m more comfortable and capable of painting digitally, though. Less mess or entirely no mess at all as you don’t have to worry mixing different colors of your paint with water, you can easily purge any portion of your painting and all those things you can do in Photoshop or any other program you can use that you cannot do in traditional painting. I painted this in only an hour or so, this includes coming up with what I’m going to paint and the text that I wrote on the canvas.

I painted this earlier:

“Dog and Bactidol”
Acrylic on 14″ x 16″ canvas

I’m just joking. I was the one suffering from coughs and colds these past few days but I’m feeling much better now. I’m going to join Inktober this coming October. But, I’m going to pick only one theme every week. So, that’s five illustrations in October for Inktober, I’ll try to make it funny, of course. Similar to my illustration above. Although, it’s only going to be ink, ostensibly. That’s why they called it Inktober. πŸ˜€ And then, I’m going to print a few copies of those five illustrations and sell them at the annual Komikon in November together with my recent comics, “Silly Persons” and “Berdugo”. I’ll skip Komiket in October 2018 as I’ve decided to attend that event as a fanboy and support my fellow comic creators. By February 2019, at Komiket, that’s the time I’ll join that event as a comic creator and sell my new work. I’ll most probably have another new comic by then and I’ll launch it on that comic event or if not, at Summer Komikon, also in 2019. For now, I’m going to take a break making comics.


Huge thanks to you reading this!

Your pal,