Silly Persons Front and Back Cover and Page Previews

UPDATE: January 17, 2018

Just an update to the people who follows my comics, so far, I’ve still only penciled 19 pages out of 50+ pages of “Silly Persons” and I think I’m getting a bit stressed as I only work a couple of hours each day I work on this. I need to work faster. After all the penciling, I still need to ink it. Although, I enjoy making comics and I just shrug off all the stress from it because I love what I am doing and I am really excited to finish this so I can finally start making the other graphic novel I’m going to make this year. My goal for this graphic novel is to make people laugh. It’s just like a popcorn-movie that everyone can enjoy, that, I hope so. That is my motivation to make better comics, so that I can spread laughter even for a brief moment on other people’s lives who reads my comics. If you laughed at the cover page of “Silly Persons”, you can see it below this post -my illustration of an old guy who’s thumb-sucking another person’s thumb, I think, I can say that you’ll laugh again as you read the whole story and really enjoy this graphic novel once I get this done. My next graphic novel will have a more serious tone into it, but of course, I’ll still inject the usual silliness the Killer Kamote Komiks way. 😀

UPDATE: January 12, 2018

This is going to be the last penciled page previews I’m going to post. The succeeding page previews will be inked pages. There’s a total of fifty-one pages excluding the cover page and the credits for this graphic novel. Previews for today, pages ten and eleven:

UPDATE: January 10, 2018


I’ve finally started penciling “Silly Persons” today and I’ve penciled five pages. I know they look so cheesy, but, “Silly Persons” falls on the romantic comedy genre. It’s also about a boy and a girl who wants nothing but to be silly persons when they grow up. I know these illustrations would look much better once I’ve inked them. I also erased the rough sketches on these pages and made my pencils tight so it’d be easy for me to ink it. Penciled comic pages previews below. I’ll post some more previews in the future as I make them but I won’t post a lot so it’d be a surprise when you guys read it. Pages one, three and five and you can also see the cover page below:

Posted: January 7, 2018

Hi guys,

The image above is the front and back cover of my graphic novel “Silly Persons”. The comic book spine is just plain white because I don’t think I can put the title and my name on a width of four (4) millimeters. I can, but I don’t think people will be able read it. The total page count will be less than 60 pages. I will pin this blog post on top of my blog posts until I am done making this graphic novel and I will also post a few pages of penciled and inked page previews on this particular blog post as soon as I get something done. I really want to finish this as soon as possible, I just have family matters that I need to attend to, so hopefully by Tuesday next week, I can finally start penciling the pages. I already have some notions to work on for the other graphic novel I’m going to make this year and I want to start to write and develop the storyline for it. I’m going to print and self-publish “Silly Persons” and the other graphic novel I’m going to make this year and sell it online. I hope you guys would support me, I hope you’d grab a copy. You just have to pay for the actual graphic novel and shipping fees but don’t worry though, I will still post this on, free for everyone to read. 😀 From now on, I think I am going to draw this way or like how I drew the past issue of Killer Kamote Komiks, “Art of Silliness”. If you’d look back to my past work, you can see that most of my illustrations don’t look that good, except, “Tabon Kid”. When I draw like my past work, it takes me a fairly quick time. If I’m going to draw like I’ve drawn on the cover page of “Silly Persons”, “Art of Silliness” and “Tabon Kid”, it’d take me a bit more time. 😀

Thank you for reading.

Well wishes for everyone reading this.

Your friend,

Online Comics

January 16, 2018


I just wanted you guys to know that I most probably will not self-publish “Silly Persons” after all. When I’m done with it, it’ll be just a webcomic, for now, as I need to save my money because I need to shell out some dough for the vacation trips I’m going to go to this year– 3 tourist destinations locally and a trip abroad, not unless if you guys are willing to help me self-publish “Silly Persons” through crowdfunding like a Kickstarter project. To all the readers of my comics most especially in US, Canada and UK, I don’t think you’d still want to grab a copy of my work because the shipping fee alone to those countries I mentioned would already be 50 US dollars plus the printing fees and you guys know that I’m not going to profit much on this. The amount of shipping fee is even steeper than the actual comic in printed form. I went to a courier here in Manila, gave them the specifications of my comic and I asked them how much will the shipping fee cost for a graphic novel like “Silly Persons” be if ever someone is willing to support me and buy my comics residing in those countries I’ve said and they told me about 50 US dollars or 2500 Philippine Pesos like I mentioned and then I’m going to sell it for only 8 US dollars. Locally, if I’m going to be able to attend comic book events here in Manila this year as a comic artist/exhibitor, I’m going to sell it for more or less 300 Philippine Pesos. But don’t worry, I’m still going to post my comics on my website: I just want to make comics and make people laugh. Free Killer Kamote Komiks for everyone but if I somehow gain monetary compensation for my comics, then that’d be really nice because if that happens, I’ll have more time making free comics for everyone. I think after I make “Silly Persons”, I’m going to take a break for a few months and then just make comics like I do before, every month or so, with shorter stories and shorter page count. Lastly, the idea that I have for my next graphic novel will be put on-hold for a while and I’ll just make it sometime in the future.

Thank you for your time.

Your friend,

Killer Kamote Kartoons Intro Logo Animation

January 10, 2018


I just wanted to post this here as well. In the last quarter of 2017, I was planning of putting up another website of mine named, where I could put my animations. Basically, it still the has the same concept like instead of posting comics every month or so, I’ll create short animations instead. The only problem is each webisode will really take some time for me to do as you know making drawings move takes a lot of time. The same goes for 3D, the process of producing a 3D animation is not that easy to do. Perhaps someday I can do this. 😀

This is just a very simple and short animation intro that I made and was hoping to put before the title scene and the actual cartoon episode. Crank the volume up as there’s a sound clip on this short video.


Frequently Asked Questions

January 5, 2018


I just want to address some frequently asked questions that I receive most of the time on my email from readers of my online comics. You guys are like broken records already so I am answering this once and for all. 😀

Frequently Asked Questions:
-What is your nationality? Age? Sex? Location?
Filipino. 35 years old. Yes please, just kidding. Manila, Philippines. I am a Filipino. I was born and raised here in the Philippines. My deceased father is pure Filipino. My mother’s father (my grandfather on my mother’s side is pure Chinese who immigrated here in the Philippines a very long time ago. That makes my mother a Filipino-Chinese. I am also part Vulcan.

-How did you became a writer and an artist?
I’m not a professional writer or artist but I am just a wide reader. Read a lot, write a lot and draw a lot. Be a writer and artist in your own right. Good thing about making that as your hobby is you educate yourself about different things, depending on what you read of course. 😀

-What kind of drawing materials do you use?
It doesn’t matter what kind of tools you use. A tool is only as good as the artist. It doesn’t matter if your tools are cheap or expensive. I still use my really old drafting materials when I was still studying civil engineering. I still have my technical pens, rulers full of scratches and dents and other drawing tools that we were required to have for our drafting classes. That was almost two decades ago. I’m not saying I am a really good artist though. I know I still have a lot of room for improvement on my drawing skills. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking of enrolling on some painting lessons/workshops soon as adding colors to my drawings/illustrations is my weakness, in terms of my skills in illustrating/painting.

-How do you make your online comics?
I’ve added a blog entry expounding about that matter on my website, twice already. I am a tradigital (traditional and digital) artist. I draw using pencils and then I ink over my pencils using technical pens, scan and digitize it and then color it digitally on a computer.

-What is your biggest fear in life?
Like what they say, the biggest fear you have to fear in life is fear itself, and angry flying chickens.

Watch out for my upcoming graphic novel, “Silly Persons”, probably in February or March of 2018. And then I’ll make another one or two more graphic novel length comics in the span of the whole year of 2018. 😀

Thank you guys for reading.

Cheers (good wishes for everyone).

Your friend,

Silly Persons Cover Page Preview

January 1, 2018


I’ve decided to finish the cover page of my upcoming “Silly Persons” graphic novel today, first day of 2018. This is also my process on making my comics. Firstly, I pencil the page. I intentionally erased the rough sketches behind my drawing and made my pencils look as tight as I could. That drawing is an old guy thumb-sucking another person’s thumb.

And then, I inked over my pencils with technical pens.

After that, I scanned my drawing at 300 dpi and I now have it digitized which I’ve also cleaned up and tweaked the image settings so I can have a sharp and crisp black and white lineart, I’ve also made the title and other credit info of my comic on Photoshop.

I’ve also added flat colors for the cover page.

And here’s the final image of the cover page of Silly Persons. I fixed the old guy’s right shoulder extending down to his arm digitally. He’s thumb-sucking another person’s thumb.

I am going to try my best to draw this the way I drew my previous comic, “Art of Silliness” so this will take some time, so bare with me, guys. It’ll probably get done by February or March of 2018. I hope that when you guys read this, you’ll think that I’ve improved my writing, drawing and story-telling skills on making comics, even if just for a little bit. I also hope that I make you laugh as well. 😀

Thank you for your time!