Humor in Progress

July 22, 2019

Hi there!

Hello guys! I just want to announce about this new comic strip series I’m going to create soon. It’s called “Humor in Progress“. The image below is the image header I’ve made for this.

And here’s a short and brief description about it which I wrote on my new website specifically for this:
Humor in Progress is an offbeat comic strip series about a group of friends and their dog trying to deal and make sense of the absurdities of their everyday lives. But, they don’t have the cognitive capacity or the brain power to do that. As such, hilarity always ensues.

I also admit that I’m not a very good illustrator, I am just an able to draw guy–only crappy illustrations. 😀 That’s the reason why Comedy Central Asia wants me to redraw all my comics once I start working for them. But, like what I’ve always said, I hope the writing and silliness part always compensates my art. I’m not condescending, though. I’m more of a 3D/graphic artist, anyway. The comic strip series will be full of self-deprecating humor and just pure all-around silliness the Killer Kamote Komiks way! The very first comic strip will be uploaded soon so stay tuned!