Own Drawing Style

July 1, 2019


I decided to draw today and this is what came out of me, probably because of all the cartoons that I’ve been watching. I’m going to try my best perfecting this style of illustration so that this will be my own/default drawing style for my comics.

Please do not take offense on my jokes because they are only jokes. Simple as that. I do not mean to offend anyone.

All the illustrations below was drawn by me, a very long time ago. I posted them here, again, because I will draw the backgrounds for my comics like these guys, from now on.

Later this year, I’ll make gag-a-week comic strips again, more so for the next year, 2020. Something light for me to do as I will take a break making crappy comics/graphic novels/short novels ๐Ÿ˜€ like the most recent ones I’ve made in the past two years like the Silly Persons comics series.

I can’t wait to read my Silly Persons comics series drawn by a really good comic book artist and also if I made or committed some minor mistakes regarding the writing part, I’ll ask the services of a professional writer to rewrite and fix the mistakes once I start working for Comedy Central Asia. The grammar-Nazis will be a lot helpful by then. ๐Ÿ˜€

You can ask the Filipino Mafia how much money they are going to shell out for the additional writers and artists if we’ll need them to help us out redraw every issue of Killer Kamote Komiks that I’ve made in the past and I will make in the future. I will not pocket all the cash once our deal with Comedy Central Asia happens as a large part of it will go to Filipino Mafia because they are the ones responsible for me getting that kind of deal from Comedy Central Asia and also even the deal from Cartoon Network Asia that’s why I am really grateful to them.

Comedy Central Asia also said that we can have different kinds of art styles for each issue of Killer Kamote Komiks that I have made so there will be a lot of room for different artists and writers if ever we’ll need them.

I would also like to say that the Filipino Mafia are good guys. They are not mafias you can find in other countries like the Japanese Yakuza or Spanish mafia. I’m not against any other race in this world, though. I am just explaining things as once a person hears the word “mafia”, they instantly incorporate it to organized crime syndicates in this world. Filipino mafia are made up of professional writers, artists, computer programmers and just plain all-around geeks who are really wealthy and powerful. They are also the ones who would like to shoulder the expenses when we start rewriting and redrawing my comics for Comedy Central Asia. So until then, you guys are stuck with my illustrations for my comics. But, like what I’ve always said in the past, I hope the writing and silliness part always compensates my crappy illustrations.

I want to make people laugh via my comics and I hope I do so. ๐Ÿ˜€