Silly Persons Comic Book Series

June 21, 2019

Hi guys,

You can now read the whole 3 issues of Silly Persons. It comprises of the following issues of Killer Kamote Komiks below.

The first part is: Silly Persons, followed by Silly Persons: Broken Chord. And then lastly you can read the final conclusion of the story on this link, Silly Persons: The End.

“Silly Persons” is the prequel to my short novel, “Broken Chord”. Right after the ending of “Silly Persons”, the story of “Broken Chord” happened after a few years. The main guy in “Silly Persons” is also the same guy in “Broken Chord” who murdered his band-mate. After he killed his girl in “Silly Persons”, he found a wife in “Broken Chord” and they had a son, which is the little guy who churned out trumpet sounds and ruined the main guy’s moment at the ending. 😀

Please read the additional info below AFTER you’ve read the links above to avoid spoilers.

In case you guys are also wondering why the cover page of “Broken Chord” looks a bit wrong because the blood and the splattered brains are on the left side, instead of on the right side of my illustration, it is because I want to hide the “twist” at the ending. It was actually his band-mate who shot the guy whom you thought committed suicide. If a person holds and aims a gun on the right of his head using his right hand and pulls the trigger, the blood and the splattered brains should be on the left side of his head.