Silly Persons Comics Series

May 29, 2019

Hi guys,

I’m sorry to say but I’ll put my animated web-series (Primordial Cartoons dot com) on-hold for a while. I’ll start working on that next year, in 2020. Instead, in a few weeks from now, I’ll make a 6-page conclusion for Broken Chord in comic book format.

“Silly Persons” is the prequel to my short novel, “Broken Chord”. Right after the ending of “Silly Persons”, the story of “Broken Chord” happened after a few years. The main guy in “Silly Persons” is also the same guy in “Broken Chord” who murdered his band-mate. After he killed his girl in “Silly Persons”, he found a wife in “Broken Chord” and they had a son, which is the little guy who churned out trumpet sounds and ruined the main guy’s moment at the ending. 😀

The first part is Silly Persons, followed by Silly Persons: Broken Chord and to be concluded with the 6-page comics I’m going to make, entitled, Silly Persons: The End. Coming soon, guys. 😀