Komiket Haul February 2019

February 16, 2019

Hello guys,

In case any of you guys are interested to find out what I got earlier from Komiket (Filipino Komiks and Art Market), here’s the obligatory photo of my Komiket haul:

Bought some local and foreign (indie and alternative) comics. I got a bunch of comics from Image and DC comics as you can see above. I found a really cool sticker which I’m going to stick to one of my electric guitars. The neon green and orange one, which says, SM North Munoz.

Overall, I bought some really interesting comics to read like sir Gerry Alanguilan’s “Dead Heart”, Mark Crilley’s “The Darker Side Of A Happy-Go-Lucky Cartoonist.” I won’t mention every comic that I got. Anyway, you can see it on the photo above.

You can also see how suave and smooth I am with the ladies as I got Tori’s number. I’m just joking, she was giving away her calling cards on her table and I got one. Alas, as I browse it now, it does not contain her number. Heheh. Her calling card is the third small card from the bottom left corner, the one with the yellow background.

At my age, (36) I’m still single but I’m not lonely. I enjoy the company of myself. I also don’t go out and hangout at bars or like any of those places. I’m a nerd and really proud of that. Although, when I was still in highschool and college, I go out and watch rock bands play live music with my friends, I go to their concerts and really support my favorite musicians and besides, I’m waiting for my family, Filipino Mafia. Making comics is keeping me busy and also, I still do some freelance illustration work once in a while.

I’m not bragging but If you were in my shoes, wouldn’t you guys consider the following things I’m going to state as achievements in your life and something to be proud of? Because of my online comics, Ellen DeGeneres invited me to be a guest on her show (I’m a big fan of her by the way). Comedy Central Asia already asked me to do some digital content for them, and I also heard that Cartoon Network Asia is also asking me to be a somewhat writer/content producer and even a storyboard artist for their digital content as well for a project that they’re going to do like in Comedy Central Asia, all because of my comics and the Filipino Mafia and to all my followers/readers of my comics. I’m really grateful to all of you, guys.

I can’t wait to begin illustrating my upcoming graphic novel, “Broken Chord” in a few weeks. I still need to wrap up all the writing part and also layout the thumbnails/plans for each comic panel and page and all those stuff I still need to do. I’ll publish it online once I’m done with it. ๐Ÿ˜€

Rest In Peace, sir Andrew Villar. Our local comics community mourns. My condolences to his family and relatives.

See you at comic book events, guys. ๐Ÿ˜€