Trinity Con 2018

June 30, 2018

Hey, guys,

I went to Trinity Con a while ago. The photo below was around 1PM, when I finally got to the venue. There were lots of toys, comics, posters, prints and other related items for sale. It was a really fun event.

The photos below are my haul from the con.

I only bought a few comics, some art prints, a pocketbook and a toy action figure. You can see them clockwise on the photo below. A pre-loved Seinfeld pocketbook which contains jokes from Jerry Seinfeld himself. I’m not sure but as of this writing as I haven’t read it yet but that’s what I think from skimming the book at the event earlier. Komiks Cum Laude, an anthology of comic creators from Komiket’s Comic workshop. I already have this but sir Mark Navarro gave it to me when I bought “The Sweeter Side of R. Crumb” (the comic below) from him. It’s full of illustrations by R. Crumb so I grabbed it. “Arangkada” by sir Lyndon Gregorio, it’s his 20th book. My kid brother buys his comics a few decades ago and I would borrow them and read them as well. I’m a big fan of him and I got nothing but respect to all my fellow comic creators. I think sir Lyndon has been making comics for a few decades now, not that sure though but I hope I can continue working on my own comics like him until I’m really old. And lastly, “Salamat, Ming-Ming” by BK Pena and I also pre-ordered Gioseppe Custodio’s latest comic, “Robber Band”, which I’m going to get from him on Indieket this August 2018.

I got this Aquaman print from sir Jon Zamar and the Batman print from Gioseppe custodio. I’ll put them on the wall at my man-cave together with the other art prints that I got from comic cons in the past.

Batman, Superman and WonderWoman print from BK Pena.

I also got this “Rambo” toy. I think the only person who can beat Chuck Norris is Rambo, aside from Bruce Lee. 😀 I wanted to buy more toys for myself but I couldn’t find any toys cooler than this guy, Rambo, or other toys similar to this kind of toy! 😀

The rest of the photos below are toy/figure displays from the event.

Thanks for your time reading this, guys!


Your friend,