“Berdugo” Page Previews

UPDATE: May 16, 2018 (Actual Pages 1 and 2) At the very bottom of this blog post.
UPDATE: May 11, 2018 (Additional pencil preview)
This blog post was originally posted last May 9, 2018


I’ve finally started to pencil my latest comic, “Berdugo”. When I finally make a printed form of this comic book, the cover page will be colored and the interior pages will be in black and white. I might skip the inking part this time as I’m experimenting with the overall look of this particular comic and also I want to lessen the production time. I’ll definitely put flat colors of different hues of black and white for the interior pages.

If you can also see, you won’t be able to see my rough sketches behind the tight pencils as I erase them constantly while I draw so I won’t have a hard time cleaning the lines in Photoshop.

I know you guys might think that the first 3 panels on page 2 (you can see it below) is like the cat from Shrek -Puss in Boots eye scene from the movie “Puss in Boots” when he makes that doe eyes thing, but I got this scene of my comic from my one and a half year old toddler nephew. He makes that beautiful doe eyes thing whenever someone scolds him when we need to deal with his tantrums. 😀

I’m really pumped up to get “Berdugo” done so I can finally make my next graphic novel, “Universal Language”:
“Universal Language Graphic Novel” Brief Info

Although, you guys will be able to consume the latter comic I’m talking about most probably by early next year and I’ll launch and start selling printed form of this comic book if I get it done in time before Komiket in February 2019 or if not, at Summer Komikon, also in 2019.

Work-In-Progress of Page 1:

Page 1 Pencil Preview:

Page 2 Pencil Preview:

Actual pages below (1 and 2)

I work on this for only a couple of hours or so from time to time as I still need to do other things and also, I take a break as well sometimes. My tentative date of completion for this comic book is probably in the middle or late June 2018. These two pages are going to be my previews for the whole comic book. I’m not going to show preview pages anymore. This is a tragic comedy/tragicomedy story of a kid’s love for his own father. I know. I know. I also hate dramas but I hope you guys would still like this when you finally read the whole comic book.
Page 1:

Page 2:

I still need to clean-up the gutters of these pages in Photoshop. 😀

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