“Berdugo” Graphic Novel Brief Summary

March 27, 2018


Good day to the followers of my work. πŸ˜€

If you guys want to know more about my next graphic novel this year, please continue reading. Here is a brief summary of it: The title is going to be “Berdugo”, which means executioner in Filipino. It’s going to be a story about a son’s love for his own father. This time around I’ll make an adventure/tragic comedy story. The story goes with the protagonist, with the lives of the father and son and one of them will accidentally be transported to an unknown place. I won’t tell you the important turning points and the plot of the whole story right now though. Of course, I will also still inject the usual silliness the Killer Kamote Komiks way. There will also be a prophecy about a soon-to-be-born baby who will become the greatest assassin the universe will ever know. Either that, or he’ll just become an insane underwear model.

To all the followers of my work, you guys can expect to devour this graphic novel before August 2018. πŸ˜€


UPDATED: March 30, 2018
Here’s a preliminary sketch of the cast of characters on my next graphic novel, “Berdugo”. I just drew this today but I am going to start making this comic by mid-May 2018.

Oracle, is the prophet in the story. Siomai, a cat. Here in the Philippines, Siomai is a name of a food which is a dumpling and there is also a saying where a Siomai is made of the meat of a cat. But we don’t eat cats here though. Kanuto is the father in the story. Kanuto for me, means like a knucklehead or kamote, which means like a stupid person in Filipino as my folks used to call me that when I was a lot younger. The protagonist, I’m not yet that sure if I’m going to call him Bugoy or Tukmol. Bugoy actually means like a hippie in Filipino. Tukmol also falls under the definition of the word Kanuto. Hanep, is a dog and the word hanep is a slang word in Filipino like the mostly used word, astig, which means awesome, rad or cool. In the provinces in the Philippines, Filipinos actually eat dog meat. Though, I think, now, they made it illegal. I don’t eat dogs and I also think that’s not quite right. Lastly, Tala, is the protagonist’s love interest, the word means a star in Filipino. I’m also not yet that sure but it’s highly likely that I’m going to draw this graphic novel with a cartoony style, like the way I drew these characters as you can see on the image above. πŸ˜€

That’s it for now.

“Silly Persons” Graphic Novel Printed by Creative Trio Design

March 22, 2018

Hey there,

Look what I have here! πŸ˜€

I just got the first batch of my graphic novel, “Silly Persons” printed. I self-published it. This is just like a “test print” as I will print another batch before Indieket in August, Komiket in October and the annual Komikon in November this year. I’m just trying out Sir Reno Maniquis’ printing services, and so far, I really like the outcome of their printing. Although there was one copy where I had to remove the staple and rearrange the pages again before stapling it back again. And there is also another page where the printing on that page kind of reflected on the succeeding page so it got a mark or like a stain on the page. You can see the second photo I posted above to see what I mean. Other than that, it’s all good. I asked them to print the cover page on a smooth and a bit shiny quality board and for the interior pages, on a standard quality paper. I’m going to give away those business cards on comic events and I’ve also inserted each of them on a self-adhesive vinyl pockets. Everything that they printed looks great and to my comics-people friends, I highly recommend them. Their printing services rates are very affordable and you can even just send your digital files to them, talk about the details of the printing services you want on email and once everything’s clear, they will print your comics and send them to you via a courier if you want. They even made sure the printed comics won’t have any damages on the courier during transit as they placed my comics on a box so it’ll protect the pages inside. Check out their Facebook page:
Creative Trio Design
And here are some links of Sir Reno’s work. Check it out:
I’ve also bought some of his work last 2015 and last year. I’m not sure, but I think Sir Reno has syndicated comics published by a newspaper here in Manila and he also has published work in Canada.

I won’t be able to attend Summer Komikon this coming April as a comic artist so if you guys want to grab a copy of Silly Persons in printed form and support me, please wait until the comic events I’ve already wrote above on this blog post. I don’t think so highly of myself but I just wanted to say this to all the readers of my comics, if you guys meet me on comic events, please don’t take a photo or video of me as I am more comfortable behind the camera, not in front of the camera. πŸ˜€

I’ll also make another comic book before August and I’ll ask Sir Reno to print them again so I’ll be selling two comic books on those events. If you want to reserve a copy of “Silly Persons”, just e-mail me. You can find my e-mail addresses on my websites.

Cheers to everyone who follows my work.

Your friend,

Camiguin & Cagayan de Oro (2018)

March 12, 2018


Here’s the continuation of our travels with my family and relatives this year. We went to Paras Beach Resort in Camiguin and other hot and cold springs, waterfalls, sandbars and an adventure park in Cagayan de Oro. Traveling to go to these places is a lot tiring but once you arrive, it’s truly paradise. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos I took. Photo dump below. πŸ˜€



Romblon, Romblon (2018)

March 4, 2018

Hey, guys,

Me and my relatives went to visit Romblon last week, we just got back home today. We spent a couple of days on a private beach resort in Romblon specifically at Talipasak Beach Resort. The place is really isolated and situated far from the main centers of population in Romblon.

We first rode a ship from the port of Batangas to reach Romblon, Romblon. You can also fly on a plane as well but we chose to ride a ship because it is much hassle-free because if you fly on a plane, you still have to ride a ship to go to the main island.

The friendly white guy on the upper-right side on the background on the photo below photobombed us. πŸ˜€

If I am not mistaken he’s French or probably a German but he can also talk using the English language. They said he’s alone on the beach resort and guys like him go to beach resorts like this one in Romblon to find inner peace and serenity in their lives or just to unwind and take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. There are no televisions, radios and the place is really quiet. So quiet that the only things you can hear at night is the sound of nature -the waves of the beach, crickets, lizards and whatnot. The whole Romblon is still not that developed compared to other provinces, tourist destinations and beach resorts you can go to in the Philippines but once you arrive on the beaches on the islands, it’s really worth it.

I was about to ask the French guy I mentioned if he wants to have some grapes while we were eating but one of my aunt gave it to the owner of the beach resort because she knows her as she was a co-teacher of my aunt when they were still younger and they taught in Xavier school here in Manila many years ago. There are only a few foreigners I’ve noticed here. There was also a time, the other day while we were having our dinner, we were seated beside a group of French and Germans and me and my relatives were conversing in Tagalog (Filipino language) and I thought to myself these tourist foreigners probably knows English so they might understand some of the things we were talking about. One of my relatives is speaking in Tagalog and she inserted “I want TV” on the sentence she was saying and I thought they probably heard that and now they think that my relative wants a television. “I want TV” is the name of a local mobile phone app where you can watch local Filipino TV shows on the internet or on your mobile phone if I’m not mistaken but that relative of mine was truly saying that she wants to watch some of the TV shows on the app. Perhaps I could put that funny incident on my comics sometime in the future. πŸ˜€

My family and relatives you can see on the photo above are all senior citizens except for a cousin of mine (second person from the left) and their days are already numbered that’s why they want to travel as much as they can before they run out of time. Just kidding though. I hope all my family and relatives would have a long life ahead of them.

The rest of the photos that I took at the beach resort below. We also went island-hopping:

Crystal clear water and white sand

Mmmm . . . I love drinking coconuts.

Sunset by the beach. I was also the designated photographer on our vacation trip. πŸ˜€

Romblon is known for marbles and this is one of the sites where they extract them.

Many thanks to Ma’am Mina for hosting us guests. πŸ˜€