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Updated on January 30, 2018
Originally Posted on January 18, 2018


I just wanted you guys to know that I most probably will not self-publish “Silly Persons” after all. When I’m done with it, it’ll be just a webcomic, for now, as I need to save my money because I need to shell out some dough for the vacation trips I’m going to go to this year– 3 tourist destinations locally and a trip abroad, not unless if you guys are willing to help me self-publish “Silly Persons” through crowdfunding like a Kickstarter project. To all the readers of my comics most especially in US, Canada and UK, I don’t think you’d still want to grab a copy of my work because the shipping fee alone to those countries I mentioned would already be 50 US dollars plus the printing fees and you guys know that I’m not going to profit much on this. The amount of shipping fee is even steeper than the actual comic in printed form. I went to a courier here in Manila, gave them the specifications of my comic and I asked them how much will the shipping fee cost for a graphic novel like “Silly Persons” be if ever someone is willing to support me and buy my comics residing in those countries I’ve said and they told me about 50 US dollars or 2500 Philippine Pesos like I mentioned and then I’m going to sell it for only 8 US dollars. Locally, if I’m going to be able to attend comic book events here in Manila this year as a comic artist/exhibitor, I’m going to sell it for more or less 300 Philippine Pesos. But don’t worry, I’m still going to post my comics on my website: I just want to make comics and make people laugh. Free Killer Kamote Komiks for everyone but if I somehow gain monetary compensation for my comics, then that’d be really nice because if that happens, I’ll have more time making free comics for everyone. I think after I make “Silly Persons”, I’m going to take a break for a few months.

Earlier today (January 30, 2018), I took a little break penciling “Silly Persons” and I watched the Japanese movie, Bakuman. You can google it if you want to for some info about it. After I’ve seen it, it only ignited my passion and dream much more to be able to make silly comics for a living. Although I don’t like to draw the Manga/Anime way but I still read and watch comics and cartoons like those. I know I won’t make lots of money making comics like the way I do but if I somehow make enough dough to cover my personal monthly expenses and save some even if it’s just a little amount, I’ll do it. I’m gonna drop everything I’m doing and just make silly comics full time. If only we still have Pilipino Funny Komiks or any other comics like that way back in the 90s, I’d try my best to get in and be a part of their pool of comics artist and write and draw silly comics full time.

Thank you for your time.

Your friend,