Frequently Asked Questions

January 5, 2018


I just want to address some frequently asked questions that I receive most of the time on my email from readers of my online comics. You guys are like broken records already so I am answering this once and for all. πŸ˜€

Frequently Asked Questions:
-What is your nationality? Age? Sex? Location?
Filipino. 35 years old. Yes please, just kidding. Manila, Philippines. I am a Filipino. I was born and raised here in the Philippines. My deceased father is pure Filipino. My mother’s father (my grandfather on my mother’s side is pure Chinese who immigrated here in the Philippines a very long time ago. That makes my mother a Filipino-Chinese. I am also part Vulcan.

-How did you became a writer and an artist?
I’m not a professional writer or artist but I am just a wide reader. Read a lot, write a lot and draw a lot. Be a writer and artist in your own right. Good thing about making that as your hobby is you educate yourself about different things, depending on what you read of course. πŸ˜€

-What kind of drawing materials do you use?
It doesn’t matter what kind of tools you use. A tool is only as good as the artist. It doesn’t matter if your tools are cheap or expensive. I still use my really old drafting materials when I was still studying civil engineering. I still have my technical pens, rulers full of scratches and dents and other drawing tools that we were required to have for our drafting classes. That was almost two decades ago. I’m not saying I am a really good artist though. I know I still have a lot of room for improvement on my drawing skills. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking of enrolling on some painting lessons/workshops soon as adding colors to my drawings/illustrations is my weakness, in terms of my skills in illustrating/painting.

-How do you make your online comics?
I’ve added a blog entry expounding about that matter on my website, twice already. I am a tradigital (traditional and digital) artist. I draw using pencils and then I ink over my pencils using technical pens, scan and digitize it and then color it digitally on a computer.

-What is your biggest fear in life?
Like what they say, the biggest fear you have to fear in life is fear itself, and angry flying chickens.

Watch out for my upcoming graphic novel, “Silly Persons”, probably in February or March of 2018. And then I’ll make another one or two more graphic novel length comics in the span of the whole year of 2018. πŸ˜€

Thank you guys for reading.

Cheers (good wishes to everyone).

Your friend,