New Web Design

December 27, 2017


I’ve decided to revamp‘s web design. I hope you guys would like the new user-friendly-interface where you can read or download my comics on that website. I uninstalled WordPress and instead placed some simple HTML codes for the webpages with a little bit of CSS where I can post my comics. I don’t know much about creating websites but I got to experience making simple webpages back in the dinosaur age. I used to make various websites on more than two decades ago using Microsoft Frontpage Editor and hand coding HTML on Windows Notepad and I also have a blog a very long time ago. If you have a Yahoo email account before, you could use their free web hosting services with your email as your domain name added after the link Now, websites are really complicated to make with all the programming languages out there but it depends though on what kind of website you’re going to make. WordPress, I think, however is leading a large percentage of websites running throughout the internet nowadays. Anyway, just wanted to say that.

Watch out for my “Silly Persons” graphic novel next year together with another one or two more graphic novel-length comics that I’m going to make in 2018.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the readers of Killer Kamote Komiks. πŸ˜€


First Blog Entry: That “Silly Persons” Graphic Novel

December 11, 2017.


I felt I needed to post a blog entry to my new and personal website today. I made a total of seven issues of Killer Kamote Komiks this year, 2017. Another year is about to end. Now, I am really excited to start making my latest comic “Silly Persons” after the holiday season. A bit info about the comic I’m talking about:
Silly Persons Graphic Novel (Last Update for 2017)
Silly Persons Preliminary Character Sketches
After I get this comic done, my estimated or calculated time that I’ll be able to finish this is by February 2018, hopefully. And then, I’ll probably make another one or two graphic novel length comic. If I won’t be able to get this made before Komiket by February next year, I’ll self-publish this in printed form and release it at Komikon Indieket next year together with another new graphic novel that I’m planning to make after “Silly Persons” in limited edition and if it’d sell well, I’m going to print another batch of it for November Komikon and other comic conventions in 2018. Indieket seems to be the proper venue for me to sell these as it’s still considered an “indie” comic. If you’re a legit comic publisher and wants to publish my work, please contact me. πŸ˜€ The only problem for this is that the production time of making a comic gets longer if I’m going to make a graphic novel having a minimum page count of fifty and above. The reason why I’m going to do this and avoid creating short stories on my comics every month or so is so that I’ll be able to practice writing and illustrating a bit more complex or complicated stories for my comics. Not just straight-forward stories full of silly and fart jokes, albeit, these jokes are what Killer Kamote Komiks is built of since its inception last 2014. Who knows, perhaps someday I could direct my own movie. πŸ˜€

Happy Holidays to you reading this!