“Silly Persons” Graphic Novel (Last Update for 2017)

“Silly Persons” Graphic Novel (Last Update for 2017)
November 28, 2017.


This is going to be my last update for the comic I’m currently working on, which is “Silly Persons”, this year. Although, I’ll try posting some sample penciled and inked pages as soon as I’ve made something. I’m done writing the whole story and laying out my thumbnail sketches for all the pages. These thumbnail sketches will serve as my guide when I finally begin penciling and inking the pages after Christmas day. The total page count is fifty-four (54) pages excluding the cover page and probably the credits page as well at the end of the full comic. I am going to make this issue the “best comic” that I’ve made so far once I’m done with this. 😀

Next year, 2018. I plan on limiting the comics that I will make but, I’ll put out more comics with more pages like this one I’m doing so it’s just like a breakeven thing if you’d consider what I’ve been doing these past few years. I almost put out a new issue of Killer Kamote Komiks every month or so but with fewer pages for each issue.

In 2018, I also plan to attend comic conventions a lot more, as an exhibitor or a comic artist. Or if not, just drop by and take a look around.

Albeit, on the specified date of Summer Komikon next year, April 14 of 2018, I have other plans so I won’t be able to go. I’ll just really try to make it up on other comic conventions next year.

I hope I can finish this comic I’m currently working on before Komiket on February next year so I can start selling it at comic events. Fifty-four or more (54+) pages to pencil and ink with almost only two months to go. I really hope I’ll be able to make this before the deadline.

Some of the comic events, just to name a few that I am planning to go to in 2018. I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I advertise some of these comic events here in our country:
Of course, Komiket, Komikon and Indieket:
Sir Gerry Alanguilan’s San Pablo City Comics Festival

And a whole lot more. I won’t write a joke on this blog entry as I’ve put loads and loads of silly jokes the Killer Kamote Komiks way on “Silly Persons”. 😀

Let’s support our own local comics scene here in our really small comics community in the Philippines. Happy Holidays to you reading this! 😀


Your friend,

“Silly Persons” Preliminary Character Sketches

“Silly Persons” Preliminary Character Sketches
UPDATE: November 24, 2017

Here’s some really quick preliminary character sketches for, “Silly Persons”. That’s the title of this comic I’m still currently working on, which also should’ve been “My Dog Has Amnesia” unless I come up with a better title. I’m going to start making this after Christmas. It’ll also have a lot more pages unlike most of the issues of Killer Kamote Komiks that I’ve made in the past. I don’t know how many pages it must have for a comic to be called a graphic novel but I think I’m getting near to it. I’m still polishing the whole story. 😀

These are the main characters for the story. The old guy with the mustache thumb-sucking another person’s thumb is the dean and also the president of the school where the protagonist will study so he will be a silly person.


UPDATE: November 13, 2017.
[ISSUE # 23] Cover Page Preview: My Dog Has Amnesia/I Just Want To Be A Silly Person

Hey guys,

I decided to revise the story for “My Dog Has Amnesia” and just make this issue next year. Sorry for that. 😀 The storyline/plot will be -“What do you want to be when you grow up? I just want to be a silly person when I grow up!”. That’s the theme, along those lines of this issue of Killer Kamote Komiks. He will be a disciple of an old man who’s a master of how a person can be silly. And then I’m going to insert adventure stories for the protagonist, love interest and different side stories. Of course it also must have a twist at some point on the story. I’m going to try attending comic events next year as an exhibitor/comic artist again and sell the comics I’m going to make in the future but I’m still not that sure. Let’s just see what happens next year. 😀

Happy Holidays to you reading this now. 😀


October 18, 2017.

Hi guys,

Here’s a preview of the cover page of the last issue of Killer Kamote Komiks for this year. After this, I’m going to resume making webcomics by next year, 2018. This will come out this November of 2017. It’s only eight pages long. This is a very short webcomic issue of Killer Kamote Komiks about love, you know that thing that gives you the reason to wake up each morning and also about patience and sticking by to your loved ones during hard times. I know that sounds so cheesy but that’s just me, I guess. I’ve probably been watching the movie Wonder Woman a lot of times. Anyway, enough cheesiness. I hope you’ll like this one. Happy holidays to everyone reading this. 😀

Someday, I know my neighbor will take a bath because it still bothers me a lot. I know I’ve said that a lot of times on my past blog entries but I know hearing it also never gets old. 😀


Komikon November 2017

November 11, 2017.


I went to Komikon (November 2017) earlier and just got back home. Here’s some photo shots from today’s comic event around 10:30 in the morning:

And here’s my Komikon November 2017 haul:

I got this comic anthology from Sir Reno Maniquis. Nice to see you again, sir Reno. I also got this silent comic from Sir Rod Espinosa, which is published by Antartic Press and a comic from Dr. Carlo Jose San Juan. I’ve bought one of his comics a few years ago and to tell you guys honsetly, I think sir Carlo is like a super smart person because he’s a licensed doctor who also makes comics. And then I also grabbed a copy of a father and son combination of comics, Sir Andrew Villar’s newest comic “Malate” and his son’s “Bubu Burger” by Amos Villar. Both of them have syndicated newspaper comics on Philippine Daily Inquirer.

I wanted to become one of them a long time ago. I tried submitting my comics to major newspaper publishers here in Manila but they would always say that my comics is not for newspapers.

It’s nice to see Tori Tadiar again. I bought a postcard art print from her because she still doesn’t have any new comic or the succeeding chapter of her comic, Sagala. I don’t think she’s even aware that I’m alive here on earth. She probably didn’t notice me when I was in front of her table buying her postcard. Hello, Tori, what’re you doing later? Just kidding. 😀

I’ve messaged Ms. November Garcia on her Instagram a few weeks ago. I told her I wanted to buy her comics (Malarkey) last Komiket. It’s also a comic convention here in Manila but I didn’t see her during that event. The reason why I didn’t bought anything from her before because I wanted her signature on the comics that I was planning to buy from her but she said that she’s not a morning person that’s why she wasn’t around that time but earlier today, I decided to buy her comics even if she’s not there. 😀 Perhaps next time, you could sign it for me. I’m really interested to read her work because I’ve read somewhere that her comics is about her life in America with her husband. Sounds really promising and interesting to me, also heard it’s funny.

I got Gioseppe Custodio’s newest comic “Please Take Care Of My Heart”. He’s one of the earliest comic people that I got acquainted to in the past three years since the inception of Killer Kamote Komiks and attending comic conventions.

I got ahold of one of Sir Ed Piskor’s comics, “Wizzywig”. The only foreign comic that I bought this comic event, together with Sir Rod Espinosa’s, “The Little Match Girl”, if you’re going to consider the publisher of his comic because like I’ve said, it’s published by Antartic Press. I’ve been following sir Ed Piskor’s Instagram account for a few years now and I’ve seen that he’s working on an X-Men comic now, “X-Men Grand Design” if I’m not mistaken. I’m going to wait for that to come out.

It’s also really nice to see Sir Gerry Alanguilan again today. I purchased his latest comic “Bakokak” and I’ve had him sign it together with Sir Kevin Valentino (the comic artist of this comic). I hope you’ll have good health on the following years, Sir Gerry so that you’ll be able to attend comic conventions. Of course, I don’t want to wish anyone’s health to deteriorate though. Best wishes and much respect to you, Sir Gerry and to all the comics people here in our small comic-community in our country.

And then lastly, I bought a copy of Ranzell Rosales’ comic “Procrastination”. I know he’s still young. He’s a high school kid whom I’ve become friends with these past few years. He’s a fellow fan of comics and we’ve gotten to know each other a little bit through the internet and through comic conventions. We’ve seen each other a couple of times already. I’m not sure if he’s a fan of my webcomics though. 😀 But I am really happy that now, he has his own comic which he sells at comic conventions. If anyone would ask me, what’s the best comic I’ve bought at this event, it is his comic. I’ve found a gem. 😀

If you guys would back read my blog posts, I’ve been writing and complaining like a broken record that my neighbor still hasn’t taken a bath for months now. My neighbor finally took a bath!

Happy Holidays, to everyone reading this! 😀