“Colored People” Filipino Mafia Family

Filipino Mafia Family, “Colored People”

February 13, 2017.

FYI(to those people who reads and follows my comics, if there’s any. :D) I just want to give credits to the people I give thanks to on my credits/thank you page at the end of each comic that I make. Sometimes they would also suggest and give me some notions to work on for my comics. 😀

On the top is Luis Buenaventura, those links on the images are his websites and if you search him on the internet, you’ll find tons of websites that he owns. It’s like he owns the world wide web.

This is Liz Buenaventura, she’s a pro comic book colorist. Liz and Luis are siblings, Information Technology and all-around geeks. They’re part Filipino, part Brazilian.

Caroline, she’s part Chinese, part Filipino. They have their own website forum before who are mostly populated by writers and artists from the Philippines, Highfiber.org.

Up is April Tan but that is just a lookalike photo of her, that’s actually Armie Millare of the Filipino rock band Up Dharma Down, I don’t own this image, I just got this photo on the internet. April’s part Korean, part Chinese, part Filipino.

Piya Constantino. She’s also part Chinese, part Filipino, another writer and artist.

I guess you can call us ‘the colored people’ because of our diverse mixed race but I’d like to think that we’re still all pure Filipinos. We were all born and raised here in the Philippines.

My grandpa from my mother side is pure Chinese who immigrated here in the Philippines a very long time ago together with his brother so that gives me a bit of Chinese blood but I’m still pure Filipino.

All of us were born and raised here in the Philippines and there are actually a lot of these people I’m talking about. These people I just mentioned are just to name a few. Another one of them is Jason Ortega, a sessionist drummer for another Filipino rock band, Slapshock. I think Luis and his friends also helped them and other Filipino rock bands have their own new music records and sponsors for their bands. Some of them are my sister’s friends and the rest are really old friends. You guys know who you are, to the mainstays and the rest of the gang.

If someone gave you some sort of a deal related to me and to the things I do such as comics, etc. or even if I just got acquainted to you, which involves your own thing like comics, if you collect toys/action figures, play video games and they gave you some, all forms of media compensation, movie deals, music record deals, sponsorship to your work or any monetary compensation for the things and favors they’ve asked you to do, it’s them. I’m not bragging about them as I am not “them” but being just around these guys in their presence is actually an honor for me. Almost all of them are from U.P. Diliman, Ateneo, La Salle and other Ivy League schools here in the Philippines. Some of them even studied abroad and they could’ve stayed there for good but most of them still went back here in Manila. I am the lone guy who’s out of their league. I know there’s still a bearing from what school you came from because if you’re from a good/reputable school, your CV/resume would smell really good to employers on the best companies where you can work here in Manila but I know and for me, it’s still up to the student and it’s not your school who will carry you to success, although I’m not saying I’m as good as them and I don’t think I am really good or great though. You just need to work hard so you can steer your own future into the “future” you want to be and be successful in your chosen field of work when you finally graduate. Learning doesn’t stop for me until I get really old and about to kick the bucket as I still try to learn new things from time to time.

They are also really wealthy and powerful, they’re millionaires and billionaires and I’m not talking Philippine Pesos but in U.S. Dollars. They’re really intelligent, talented, skilled and powerful because of their influences and connections around the globe. They even have connections all over the world who even make Hollywood movies in America. Most of the people I give thanks to are also writers and artists like Carlo (he’s part Filipino, part American) and Mike who, after all these years is like my older brother and also both of them are also programmers. I just want to give credit to them. That’s it for now.