Komikon Indieket 2015

August 15, 2015


I went to Komikon Indieket earlier and attended the event. It was really fun. Thanks to all the people who bought some of my comics. I also want to thank the other indie artists that I met in person during the event and also to all the organizers, sponsors and everyone else who became a part of this. I also bought a few indie comics for myself from the other indie artists. You can check out some photos that I took below:

At the ingress and preparation around quarter to seven in the morning:

During the event:

Indie Komiks that I bought from other artists at the event. Yay!

Thanks a lot for the experience, Komikon Indieket! To the people who bought my comics and to the other artists, see you again this coming Komiket (Komiks Market) in October.